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Kristen Stewart and Emma Watson cốt truyện a lot of similarities. Both were born in April 1990 with less than seven days difference between them. Both of them have however seen themselves pitted against each other by loyal readers and fans alượt thích. Their rise to stardom is also one that generates a lot of interest in their story. So why has the Emma Watson vs. Kristen Stewart debate been raging recently

Difference between Emma Watson vs. Kristen Stewart

The difference between Kristen Stewart vs. Emma Watson is one that depends largely on the perception of the person analyzing. For instance, several people find Kristen khổng lồ be prettier than others while others think the reverse is the case. Even though they both have some chất lượng similarities, they are distinct in their way. There are very few people who can get lớn such a level of recognition & popularity at such an early age as they both have sầu.

Both Emma & Kristen have sầu beautiful and mesmerizing eyes with Kristen having green và chất lượng eyes. They are young, rich, sexy và famous. As far as admiration is concerned, Emma seems lớn have sầu more reasons to be admired. She is a feminist, graduated from Brown University and is a UN Goodwill ambassador. Kristen, on the other hvà, looks super beautiful whenever she smiles.

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What Is The Difference Between Emma Watson And Kristen Stewart?

Kristen Stewart gained fame and popularity playing Bella Swan in the movie Twilight. Emma, on the other hand, gained her fame & popularity playing the role of Hermione in Harry Potter. Kristen Stewart played a role in her first-ever Hollywood movie “Panic Room.” Her performance in the movie led to her getting a nomination as the Young Artist of the year award. Emma Watson began her acting career starring in the Harry Potter series where she won an award as the Leading Actress. Both Emma Watson & Kristen Stewart are Hollywood trained talents who have both gone on to lớn gain fortune và fame within a rather short time frame.

They both began their careers as very talented young girls as seen in their first work.

Who Is Emma Watson?

Emma Watson was born in Paris and received her training at a theater school when she was a child. She got her first big-screen appearance in Harry Potter & the Philosopher’s Stone. She played the role of the all-knowing loyal Hermione Granger. She went on lớn trả lời this role for seven other movies in the series. Just lượt thích the character she played in the Harry Potter movie series, she is driven, smart và seeks perfection. She also has the chất lượng reputation of being one of the few actresses who have gotten a full-time degree và gotten it.

Aside from the movies, she is also noted lớn have modeled for Lancome & Burberry. The other movies she has appeared in include Noah, Wallflower và Beauty, và the Beast. She has a uniquely British style. Also, her overall beauty outlook is one that can best be described as classy and minimal with a touch of youthful appeal. She sometimes appears with understated makeup and sleek hair. She won an award for the Best British Style at the British Fashion awards in 2014.

Watson is also a very passionate social activist & she has also used her fortune and fame to promote certain causes such as girl child education. She also earned the number 26th spot on Time Magazine 100 most influential people on earth. With records flying in left right & center, it won’t be too difficult lớn find out why Watson seems khổng lồ be on course to lớn becoming an inhỏ.

Watson’s Steps

Between 2011 và 2014, Watson shared her time between continuing her education and working on films. She studied at the prestigious Brown University as well as the Worcester College in Oxford. She graduated from Brown with a degree in English literature in 2014. She is also noted lớn have lent her name to lớn People Tree. She also got honored with the award of British Artist of the year in năm trước. It was in the same year that she got appointed as a Women Goodwill ambassador of the United Nations và was instrumental in the launching of the HeForShe campaign.

Emma Watson was born into the family of Jacqueline Luesby and Chris Watson. Watson grew up in Maisons-Laffitte cthua trận to lớn Paris till the time she was 5 years old. She witnessed the divorce of her parents at a young age and moved lớn stay with her mum in Oxfordshire và the weekends at her father’s in London. She was a student of the Dragon School và was there until 2003. From the age of six, she showed keen interest in becoming an actress và she soon began training at the Stagecoach Theatre Arts. There she studied nhảy đầm, singing và acting.

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When she clocked the age of ten, she had already featured in several stagecoach plays such as Arthur. She, however, had no real acting experience before playing a role in Harry Potter. She is not only shining light in the world of theatre arts as she has shown that she is equally a star in academics. She recorded eight A* and two A’s in her GCSE exams. She also got A’s in her A level exams. According to her, instead of four years, she spent five sầu years before graduating because she was away from school for about two semesters.

What Is Watson’s Personal Life Like?

Watson lives a self-patterned life that describes her single state. As regards her faith, while she was on the phối of the movie Noah, she described herself as a Universamenu.

Who Is Kristen Stewart?

Kristen was brought up by parents who had roots in the entertainment industry. She was always in line lớn make a mark in the entertainment industry. She began her acting career at the age of eight with some small roles in feature films. She soon got noticed playing Jodie Foster’s daughter in the Panic room. She soon gained worldwide acclalặng when she played the role of Isabella Swan in the famous Twilight movie series. As of 2012, she had already become the highest-paid actress in the world. She also proceeded khổng lồ feature in successful movies such as Clouds of Sils Maria, Snow White, and the Huntsman, as well as Still Alice. She became one of the first American actresses to lớn walk away with the Cesar Award.

She has a chất lượng reputation for her androgynous & edgy style và has also been the face of Balenciaga & Chanel. She also effortlessly slays on the red carpet while maintaining her humble persomãng cầu. She also helps support several charities such as the Red Cross và Oxfam. She easily appeals lớn this generation mainly as a result of her cool personality. She is also noted for her individuality & independence. She is also quite frank in her dealings with the prowling eyes of the media.

Stewart’s Early Life

Stewart’s father John Stewart has always been a television producer & stage manager who has a history with Fox as well as Midnight. Her mother, on the other h&, originates from Queenslvà. She directed the movie K-11 and is a scriptwriter. She has two adopted brothers & an older brother & attended local schools until she got to lớn the seventh grade. Her involvement in acting meant that she had continued her education using the distance learning route.

She is recorded lớn have sầu dated a co-star on Speak named Michael Angarano till they parted ways in 2009. 2012 came & she was rumored khổng lồ be involved in an affair with the Director of Snow White Rupert Sanders. The relationship ended with Sanders issuing an apology lớn Stewart and so also did Stewart. In an interview in 2017, she described herself as being gay & went on khổng lồ describe herself as bisexual. She indicated that she was still open to lớn the idea of dating men back in 2017.

In the year 2012, she gave sầu her Breaking Dawn Part 2 dress và gave the benefit of the proceeds to the Robin Hood Foundation. This was in support of efforts aimed at providing succor for the effect of Hurricane Sandy. It was reported in 2013 that she had raised $500,000 for the Sandy Relief effort after she had a fifteen-minute meeting with a certain Prince from the Middle east.

Final Word

Both Stewart & Watson have succeeded in leaving their marks in the sands of time as far as the entertainment industry is concerned. It will thus be quite unfair lớn only select one of them because of the enormous talent they both posses.