Evan Spiegel Và Miranda Kerr

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Image: Getty

Miranda Kerr has revealed she and fiancé Evan Spiegel are being quite conservative when it comes khổng lồ at least one aspect of their relationship.

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In an interview with the The Times, the 33-year-old, who got engaged khổng lồ the Snapchat founder in July, suggested that the couple are maintaining the tradition of waiting until they’re married to have sex.

When asked if she planned to give her five-year-old son Flynn from her marriage lớn Orlando Bloom a sibling anytime soon, she replied:

“Not yet. Not until after we get married. My partner is very traditional.”

When pressed on whether she & Spiegel, 26, are waiting not only lớn have a child but have sex at all, she said “We can’t . . . I mean we’re just . . . Waiting.”

It’s somewhat of a surprising confession from Kerr, who was pregnant with Flynn before she tied the knot with Bloom, and has been quite candid about her sex life, infamously revealing during an interview with British GQ in 2014 “I’ve had an orgasm in the air before. Alone. & together.”

On falling for her tech billionaire partner, who she met at a dinner hosted by Louis Vuitton in 2014, she says the pair took it slow with a few months of phone calls before it became something more.

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“It was slow & steady. I was like, ‘Is he even interested?’ But once I let him know I was interested, he was very interested.”

The Australian supermodel revealed she was set to lớn wed Spiegel, who she’d been dating for about a year at the time, by posting a photo of her engagement ring on Snapchat (obviously) with a customised filter of a little Evan avatar getting down on one knee in front of a little Miranda avatar.

She captioned the photo of the beautiful đá quí sparkler “I said yes!!!” alongside some appropriate love heart và heart eyes emojis.