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ITB350/20-Project Restore agresseur Oasis No. 47 in Anah- Anbar Governorate, Iraq Invitation to bid

The United nation Development programme (UNDP) hereby immédiatement you à submit a Bid à this Invitation to Bid (ITB) parce que le the above-referenced subject.

This ITB includes the following documents and the general Terms et Conditions ns Contract i m sorry is put in the Bid les données Sheet:

section 1: This Letter du Invitation

Section 2: instruire to Bidders

Section 3: Bid data Sheet (BDS)

Section 4: testimonial Criteria

Section 5: Schedule ns Requirements et Technical Specifications

Section 6: Returnable Bidding Forms

Form A: Bid Submission kind MandatoryForm B: Bidder informations FormForm C: ensemble Venture/Consortium/Association informations FormForm D: qualifications FormForm E: formats of technological BidForm F: Price Schedule Form/BOQS duly signed and stamped (Mandatory)Form G: Form ns Bid defense MandatoryForm G.1: Template for Bid Security positif MandatoryForm H: Form de Performance Security

If you are interested in submitting a Bid in réponse to this ITB, you re welcome prepare her Bid in accordance with auto requirements et procedure ont set the end in this ITB and submit it par the Deadline pour Submission du Bids collection out in Bid les données Sheet.

In des boites your lentreprise is no registered in auto E-Tendering Module, please use auto following momentary username et password to register your company/firm:

Username: event.guest

Password: why2change

Bidders that will it is in registered nous the e-tendering will be able à download thé complete bidding document from auto e-tendering website at:

Mandatory page? ˅ Visit Date et Time:

Sunday, 18th Oct 2020 at 10:00 to 12:00 Noon.

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Site visit UNDP focal length Point: Engineer vendre Saeed ;

E-Mail: samirsaeed44 ;

Location: Ana’a - Anbar GovernorateGPS coordinates: 34.3559728N, 42.0060217E

Note: The page? ˅ visit is mandatory et failure to je suis en attente the page? ˅ visit nous the above-specified cétait une date will instantly disqualify your offer from this compete process.

If elle need more information, please feel free to communication the following:

Focal human being in UNDP: Dler Mohamad, Procurement Analyst

Address: UNDP, Iraq

E-mail address: dler.mohamad

You peut être acknowledge receipt du this ITB utilize the “Accept Invitation” role in eTendering system, where applicable. This will enable you venir receive amendments or updates to auto ITB. Should tu require further clarifications, kindly connect with the contact person/s established in the attached data Sheet ont the focal mission for queries nous this ITB.

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UNDP watch forward venir receiving your Bid et thank you in advance pour your attention in UNDP procurement opportunities.