Numéro quatre (film) distribution

every little thing That walk Wrong with I am Number 4 DreamWorks to be hoping pour a success on the level de Twilight when cette adapted I un m Number Four, marqué the YA sci-fi movie disappointed across the board.

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Here"s whatever that walk wrong with auto I am Number Four movie adaptation. In 2008, Summit entertainment inadvertently stumbled dessus a goldmine when ce released the life Twilight movie. The studios has usually hopes for the film going in: stephanie Meyer"s la source material to be popular, marqué they weren"t expecting auto story of teenager Bella Swan and her vampiric lover dedward Cullen venir catch on with anyone beyond the 2005 novel"s core fanbase. Ont Hollywood is wont to faire (see Titanic for un autre infamous example), they underestimated the la publicité viability of jeu geared towards teenaged girls: Twilight went nous to pistol $407.1 million against a $37 million budget et usher in a wave ns YA adaptations that would last several years avant fading out.

Hoping to cash-in conditions météorologiques the then-new YA craze, DreamWorks beat out J.J. Abrams à secure the cinématique rights to Pittacus Lore"s (the pseudonym used by writers James Frey and Jobie Hughes) roman I matin Number Four in juin 2009, much more than a year antérieur à it was published in august 2010. The life installment in a seven-part YA sci-fi séries known ont the Lorien Legacies, I un m Number Four revolves around number Four, auto member de the Loric alien species from the planet Lorien, who is so-named because he"s one de nine members of a special coporation, groupe of jeune Lorics (known ont the Garde) that posses inexplicable super-abilities. All nine room being hunted de the Lorics" enemy, the Mogadorians, marqué can only be eliminated in succession (starting with num One), i m sorry is why number Four hides on terre from the others with seulement un his guardian Henri to protect the until cette comes de age.

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Disney, i beg your pardon distributed thé movie with its Touchstone film label, went all out nous promoting I être Number Four à teenagers, including hosting a synergistic cast tour with chaud Topic in auto build-up venir its release in February 2011. However, fémur didn"t job-related out in auto end. The cinématique was tarif from a bomb, marqué only took in $150 million (including, $55 million in the U.S.) nous a $50 million budget, jaune not even half ns what Twilight had done. Linked with auto middling à negative reviews from critics, there plainly wasn"t much interest in a franchise et plans venir adapt auto remainder de the Lorien legacies were canceled. So, how did I am Number Four veer éteindre course?

Verbal exposition, even if it is it"s presented ont spoken dialogue or ceded through voiceover narration, is miscellaneous screenwriters are generally advised à avoid oui much oui possible since it inherently violates the "Show, don"t tell" rule du what makes parce que le good visual storytelling in film. Unfortunately, I un m Number Four too often resorts to exposant dumps jaune ham-fisted expository conversations to explain num Four"s backstory and its mythology. A lot of it"s unimportant to the story at hand et only yes, really serves venir lay thé groundwork pour potential sequels. In fact, much ns what the audience needs venir know à la this movie (the Mogadorians space bad and hunting num Four"s kind) is quickly established passant par the wordless opened scene, i beg your pardon shows number Three gift caught and killed.

The cinématique is similarly loaded with plot gadgets (like the fantastical other-worldly artifacts used par the Mogadorians and Lorics) that aren"t totally explained or were look at included haricot de soja they could phat a more important role in thé followups. There room also big subplots intentionally left dangling or unresolved de the end ns I un m Number Four, most notably the one involving Sam, an outsider at thé high lécole where alors Four hides in Paradise, Ohio, whose conspiracy theorist father disappeared while cette was searching for evidence ns extraterrestrial life on earth. Pour a movie that basically amounts venir a cross in between a teenager romance et sci-fi mouvement flick, I matin Number Four is needlessly complex by tous the table-setting cette does for a la franchise that was never guaranteed à happen.

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Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron in I un m Number Four
Upon landing the right venir I un m Number Four, DreamWorks began occurring the cinématique with année eye conditions météorologiques having michael Bay direct. Admittedly, it"s a précis bizarre to conçu the mec whose movies room known à la being utterly bombastic helming a task that theatre out ont a fairly quiet boy-meets-girl histoire set in high school (with a sci-fi twist) à la a far-reaching part de its runtime. Then again, bay had enjoyed modest success (creatively speaking) blending teen le romantisme with sci-fi mouvement a paire years before I matin Number Four entered development on the sapin live-action Transformers film, so une can more or less grasp quel DreamWorks was thinking at an early stage on.

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On paper, having Smallville creators Al Gough and Miles Millar compose I un m Number Four, climate recruiting Marti Noxon (Buffy thé Vampire Slayer) to do further contributions to the script, is even much more sensible: toutes les personnes three know how to balance world-building with emotional stakes, et Noxon"s suffer writing fantasy coming of âge allegories make her a natural ajuster for a histoire about a teen alien jeune who"s tired du living favor a fugitive et begrudges thé heavy responsibilities bestowed ns him. Sadly, everyone who"s hoping for the amazing characters and sharp conversation found in thé writing team"s previous calculation is bound à be disappointed par I être Number Four"s bland archetypes et listless recycling du elements indigenous countless other YA titles.

Bringing in D.J. Caruso to direct I matin Number Four after bay passed didn"t job-related out either, marqué it"s not fair to lay toutes les personnes the reference at Caruso"s feet. Cette didn"t even oui a year to volonté through pre-production, pave production, et finish editing and enhancing the cinématique between the signing on in beforehand 2010 and the movie bowing theatrically in mid-February 2011, so it"s ne sont pas wonder both I matin Number Four"s teen le romantisme and action elements came out of the range with so signification littérale flavor. Still, watching thé film, there"s a feeling Caruso is much an ext comfortable channeling Bay through his direction during auto super-powered extraterrestrial fights (particularly, thé explosive third act) 보다 trying à imitate Twilight in the scenes focused on the romantisme between number Four et a person teen called Sarah Hart. He"d lent his an abilities to type movies en vedette teenagers antérieur à with Disturbia, marqué with I am Number Four Caruso may"ve simply been a signification littérale too far out ns his comfort zone.

i am number four poster
After breaking ont a teenaged actor in frère television and doing part modeling in auto mid-late 2000s, gibbs Alex Pettyfer to be positioned venir become thé next super thing in Hollywood thanks to his lead duties in I am Number Four et Beastly, a modern YA re-imagining du Beauty and the Beast that opened in theaters just a couple weeks after the former. Thing is, cette doesn"t come across as angsty sauce soja much ont bored in I un m Number Four. Not helping matters, Pettyfer lacks chemistry v costar Dianna Agron (then fresh off her breakout role as Quinn nous Glee) as Sarah Hart, and neither ns their performance are nearly as fascinatingly - and weirdly - lustful oui Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart"s in Twilight (a movie the hinted at their full talents avant they changed themselves ont character actors).

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In your defense, couple of characters in I être Number Four (Number Four et Sarah included) amount venir much an ext than the stock types elle expect à find in any high écoles movie, it is in they the bully through a chip nous his shoulder or the nerd who battles to fit in socially. Even Teresa Palmer ont Number six is more or less a generic badass, et a step where she slow-mo walks away from année exploding beach house (using elle super-powers venir shield her from thé fiery wreckage) to auto tune du Adele"s "Rolling in the Deep" is much more likely to illicit unintended laughs 보다 awe. Unsurprisingly, Timothy Olyphant is reliable oui ever in his role ont Number Four"s grizzled, no-nonsense, protector Henri, but even the celebrated actor deserve to only do so much venir save I matin Number Four from gift a misbegotten attempt à make "Twilight, but with extraterrestre and much more explosions".