Office De Tourisme De St Malo

Walking through the cobbled streets of St Malo’s old city feels like you’ve stepped earlier in time. This famous tourist destination and busy traversier port provides visitors année authentic glimpse right into Brittany’s considérable seafaring past. Over there be pirates…


Intra muros

St Malo has actually several districts, auto most famous being intra muros or ‘inside auto walls’. The tall granite buildings, most de which were revitalized after being bombed during the war, house an interesting mélanger of cosy hotels, restaurants to suit all tastes and shops passant par the dozen. Take a tour nous the little train to comprendre your bearings or enjoy a bracing go around the ramparts. The Musée du la ville tells you toutes les personnes you need to know about thé town’s history and includes part fascinating mareorama objects like the prow ns a ship.

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Where it toutes les personnes began

St Malo is le meilleur known as being a breeding ground parce que le privateers, that based us in the St Servan district (although venir see comment they lived you should head earlier intra muros to hôtel d’Asfeld). Cette was below that St Malo to be founded by the Welsh monk St Maclou, who developed a church nous the site du the Roman ville of Alet . The henn reason à come this area, individuel from thé views earlier over thé citadel, is to see the 14th-century tour Solidor, which residences the musée of Cape Horners.

Shark attack

South ns St Servan is the dénormes Aquarium, wherein you’ll encounter 600 species ns fish from cold et hot waters throughout the monde – including a tank full of sharks.

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Opposite the old town are two little islands that have the right to be got to at meugler tide (heed auto warnings jaune you’ll importer stuck!). Nous one is thé Vauban-built chaton National and on the différent is the tomb ns the writer et politician Chateaubriand, that was bondir in St Malo in 1768.

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The Canada connection

Long sandy beaches sweep east from auto old city to auto district de Rothéneuf. Right here you’ll discover the se réconcilier house ns one of St Malo’s most well known sons, Jacques Cartier, who discovered Canada; thé 15th-century Manoir aux Limoëlou homes a fascinating museum dedicated to auto explorer.