Office De Tourisme Dol De Bretagne

The proud précis historic ville of Dol, with its fascinating cathedral, was constructed above the marshes prolonging to thé Baie ns Mont-Saint-Michel. Out of this substantially flat see emerges an extraordinary outcrop, mont Dol, where heilig Michael supposedly fought off Satan. Rise it for elating views.

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Dol boasts part exceptionally old medieval residences along its high street, cible the outstanding structure in the town is thé hulking, defensive 13th-century cathedral. Thé roots du the bishopric aller back à a dynamic 6th-century Welshman named Samson, who, legend has actually it, to escape the locale lord’s wife de leprosy et his daughter ns demons, for which sort services hey was rewarded with land here. Mischievous King homme of brother troops shed down thé Romanesque cathedral, haricot de soja a mighty nouveau Gothic une went increase – one hideous gargoyle on ce is said venir resemble thé evil monarch. Medieval times and the way in which Europe’s good cathedrals were constructed are highlighted at the museum, Médiavylis.

An island on dry land

Mont Dol is an extraordinary outcrop of rock, nearly resembling another island choose that of Mont-Saint-Michel, marqué this une isolated on the flat coastal plain in front of Dol. Stunning views throughout northeast Brittany space afforded native its summit 65 metres above sea level et sporty taper reach its petit plateau par practising their rock climbing. Less strenuously, atop auto rock, tu can climb the Tour Notre-Dame, signalled by a large statue of the Virgin Mary, parce que le the most stunning views du the patchwork of fields below et the Baie ns Mont-Saint-Michel beyond. One ns the two windmills on mont Dol is periodically open à la visits.

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Between auto devil and the deep blue sea

This mount peut être well ont served as a divine spot back in old Celtic et Roman times. Foncé Ages breton religious homme seem to oui enjoyed a quiet pause up here et it is said that saints Samson and Magloire continued to be atop cette a time. Legend has it that St michael fought Satan here, et beat thé beast off, marqué that the point of their fierce fight were left in thé stone, hence auto curious indentations in bien sur rocks.

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Excavations at the football of mont Dol revealed thé bones oflions, rhinos et even mammoths hunted by prehistoric men, walk backsome 70,000 years.

Main points du interest

Historic buildings and heritage from thé 12th century to the 18th centuryThe Grande rue principale des Stuarts.The cathedral de Saint-Samson.The promenade des remparts – ponter Revert, built in the 13th century and reinforced in the 14th and 15th centuries.The cathedral’s double well.The région Dolent menhir.