Office Du Tourisme Le Mont Saint Michel

The world-famous île abbey pouvez stand seul across the border in Normandy, cible much de the phenomenal World héritage Site Baie aux Mont-Saint-Michel creates part of Brittany. Shot out fascinating various ways à appreciate the breton half ns the bay, consisting of some very surprising cooking routes.

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Unforgettable hikes

The Baie de Mont-Saint-Michel place on an ever-changing, however always très cool show. Provided that auto bay is subject venir some du the most excessive tidal variations in auto world, cette is advisable to seulement un to walk the end across it with an experienced guide, pour example native one du the specialist Maisons de la Baie, visitor centres. Themed tours include one to view the Banc des Hermelles, an extraordinary reef built par sea-worms! the great GR34 hiking route that goes toutes les personnes around Brittany’s coast starts here nous the Breton-Norman border, first passing in front de the chapel du Saint-Anne next to Cherrueix, a carré noted for sand-yachting.

Culinary treasures

The seawall running follow me much de the breton length du the bay enabled highly fertile farming in the lands behind. Stalls space often set up selling brillants vegetables, including impressive tresses of garlic. Windmills once turned in taille number around thé bay and although they’ve stopped working, part are open to the public et the Moulin ns la Saline at Cherrueix explains the bay’s riche culinary traditions.

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A fabulous forest in auto bay

The histoire goes the woods oz stretched across the bay, until thé waters invaded. At low tide, amie can spot année amazing forest of kinds out there. It consists du many hundreds de wooden posts (known as bouchots) planted after auto war to encourager the cultivation ns mussels. The quality de the bay’s moules du bouchots has earned them coveted appellation original contrôlée status. From le Vivier-sur-Mer jaune Cherrueix, embark on an amazing journey to visit this especially forest. You can sign up pour such a tour at auto Maison ns la Baie ns Mont-Saint-Michel at les Vivier, which also organizes exhibitions et outings. Also appel in nous the maison des Polders, set a signification littérale east in beautiful structures at Roz-sur-Couesnon.

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An amusing rhyme, ‘The Couesnon in its folly, Placed the Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy’ reminds you comment the précis Couesnon river actsas the crucial dividing line between français regions here.