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Mic+ Setup

For open Mic+ venir work, you oui to disable the chaud word detection in Google Now. This is easy to do, return Google has done its best to hide thé required use deep within its forbidding et quasi-random user interface hierarchy.

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First, amie will need venir turn la fin your google assistant. To aller this, follow these steps:

Activate your Google Assistant by saying “OK Google” jaune long-pressing the loger button.
Tap your profile button on the top right part de the app, some users may need to select setups depending on your model.
Toggle auto “Access v Voice Match” setting venir off.

Make certain you oui installed auto Amazon Store app before tu can download the Open Mic+ app.

Step 2

Open the Open Mic+ app, et you’ll see auto start screen. Tap on the preferences sliders à open the settings dialog.

For our demonstration, we’ll marche with Captain Picard and change auto activation phrase to “Computer.”

When you’re done keying the new phrase, seul tap on the “OK” button.Hit the revenir button in auto upper left corner à exit preferences.

Finishing Up

You have to now view a super green button labeled “Start.” robinet that and leave it running, et you have the right to say her chosen nom est word instead of “OK Google,” et your Google Assistant will be best there, ready to take her voice command.

How à faire I échanger Google Assistant’s wake Word making use of Tasker andAutoVoice?

Open Mic+ lieu de travail most du the time. Unfortunately, the application is no in actif development at this time, et it’s possible that ce won’t install jaune won’t operation properly conditions météorologiques your phone.

A an ext reliable method of changing your Assistant hot word is to download and install thé very renowned Tasker app. Tasker isn’t free; it’s $2.99, marqué honestly, it’s the le meilleur $3.49 amie will ever before spend si you usage your phone a lot.

Tasker handles toutes les personnes kinds of tasks. Ce automates whatever from settings venir photos. Ce allows you to customize end 350 actions, and when invited with the right plugins, ce can let you échanger your Google Assistant nom est word.

Once you’ve download Tasker, amie will likewise need à install auto AutoVoice app from auto same developer. This download is free, cible AutoVoice is ad-supported.

Step 1:AutoVoice

First, you need to aller to her “Settings” and then choose “Accessibility.” In the list of options, find “AutoVoice Google now Integration” et “Tasker” and toggle the switches next to those entries to enable auto functionality.

Step 2:AutoVoice

You need à link your AutoVoice application to her Google account. Fortunately, Google Assistant can aller this à la you.

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Activate auto Google Assistant.Say “Talk venir AutoVoice.”The Assistant will tell you that your account is no linked, and will ask pour permission to link the accounts. Robinet “Yes.”If you have more than one Google account, a choice dialog will certainly come increase asking elle which account venir link; choose the account tu use nous this phone.The Google Assistant will complete linking AutoVoice à your account.

Step 3:AutoVoice

Open auto Tasker app, tap nous the concède sign, and then ajouter “Event.” From thé list ns options, choose “Plugin” and then select “AutoVoice” and “Recognized.” Click the edit button suivant to “Configuration” et then robinet “The tough Way.”

Tap “Speak Filter.” You’ll it is in prompted to speak your nouveau command phrase. Tasker pouvez ask you venir clarify je vous demande pardon you said by presenting a list de its le meilleur guesses; pick the one that tu actually said.

Press thé back button on your phone. At auto top ns your screen, amie will see thé text “AutoVoice Recognized,” a circle inscribing an ‘i,’ a checkmark, and année ‘X.’ robinet the checkmark.

Now hit auto back arrow in thé upper left-hand side du the screen, next to the “Event Edit” text.

A pop-up will appear containing “New job +.”Tap thé “New Task+” heat in thé pop-up.

A dialog will come up permitting you venir name thé task; amie can skip this if you wish.

You really seul need à name tasks si there room a gros number ns tasks in a workflow, et you might volonté them blended up. Joli in a surname (or not) and tap auto checkmark to the right de the name field.

Now auto Task Edit display will appear. This is where you assign a command venir execute when the command formulation is heard par Tasker.

Tap auto + button in the circle nous the right-hand side of the screen, et a menus of tous the possible acte will appear.

Tap the boîte labeled “Input,” then the boîte labeled “Voice Command.” Hit auto back button to the left ns the “Action Edit” label. Tu should now see the Task Edit screen with your nouveau task displayed.

Tap auto “Play” button à run her task, et you should now have a voice command that opens thé Google Assistant.

Frequently asked Questions

Following these steps peut faire seem fairly complicated parce que le most users. Si you still have questions about auto Google Assistant’s wake commands, keep reading.

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Will Google ever include the option to échanger the wake up command?

Unfortunately, as of October 2021, over there is non official word indigenous the company that this native feature is in thé works. However, there is énergie in numbers. Amie can administer feedback venir Google requesting together a feature at this link.

Can ns turn ok Google off?

Yes. Si you aren’t having actually a good temps with thé Google Assistant, or you don’t want it responding à you, open auto Google Assistant app and tap conditions météorologiques Settings. Then, tap nous Voice>Ok Google Detection. Here, tu can toggle thé slider off, and Google will certainly no plus long respond venir your wake up word.