Olympes De Gouges Declaration Des Droits De La Femme

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Born:May 7, 1748MontaubanFrance...(Show more)Died:November 3, 1793 (aged 45)ParisFrance(Anniversary tomorrow)...

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(Show more)Notable Works:“Declaration du the Rights du Woman et of the Citizen”...(Show more)

Olympe du Gouges, additionally called Marie-Olympe ns Gouges, d’origine name Marie Gouze, married name Marie Aubry, (born may 7, 1748, Montauban, France—died November 3, 1793, Paris), french social reformer and writer who tested conventional views nous a alors of matters, especially thé role of women oui citizens. Plenty of consider elle among the world’s sapin feminists.

Marie was bondir to anne Olympe Mouisset Gouze, that was married to calcul Gouze, a butcher; Marie’s biological father may have been Jean-Jacques Lefranc (or les Franc), marquis aux Pompignan (see Researcher’s Note). Marié was married at lâge 16 et the mère of a son, but the marriage was short-lived. When sa husband died, marie changed sa name à Olympe du Gouges, moved à Paris, et vowed never à marry again.

meet extraordinary women that dared venir bring gender equality and other issues to thé forefront. From overcoming oppression, venir breaking rules, venir reimagining thé world or waging a rebellion, this women du history have a story to tell.

She became positif in political causes and took up social issues that ranged from roadway improvement à divorce, maternity hospitals, abolitionism, and the rights ns orphaned children and of unmarried mothers, et she wrote prolifically in defense of her ideas. Among her plays to be L’Esclavage des noirs (“Slavery ns Blacks”), which was staged at auto Théâtre-Français. In 1791, as the français Revolution continued, she published thé pamphlet Déclaration des droits aux la femmes et aux la citoyenne (“Declaration of the Rights of Woman et of thé Citizen”) oui a answer to the Declaration de the Rights ns Man and of the citizens (Déclaration des Droits du l’Homme et de Citoyen), which had actually been adopted two years earlier de the national Assembly. In auto pamphlet elle asserted not only that women oui the exact same rights as men cible also that children frontière outside of marriage need to be treated oui fairly ont “legitimate” children in matters of inheritance.

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De Gouges face with auto moderate Girondins against auto Montagnards, safeguarded Louis XVI, and called à la a plebiscite to allow citizens à choose your form ns government. After thé fall of the Girondins in thé summer du 1793, she was arrested et was subjected à a mock trial, et on November 3 she was sentiment to the guillotine.