Origine des crampes dans les jambes

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Cochrane Database du Systematic reviews Interventions anti les crampes dans esquive jambes pendant les grossesse


DOI: https://doi.org/10.1002/14651858.CD010655.pub3Copiar DOI

Cifras del artículo

Li Luo and Kunyan Zhou assessed studies for inclusion, assessed risk ns bias and extracted data. Li Luo conducted auto analysis et drafted thé update. Kunyan Zhou et Liangzhi Xu provided proposals for the update. Jing Zhang et Weiyao Yin amended the review.

Internal sources

(HW) Cochrane Pregnancy et Childbirth Group, Department du Women"s and Children"s Health, auto University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

External sources

UNDP‐UNFPA‐UNICEF‐WHO‐World banque Special spectacle of Research, Development et Research cultivate in Human reproduction (HRP), Department du Reproductive Health et Research (RHR), people Health Organization, Switzerland

2015 update

Kunyan Zhou: none known.

Li Luo: none known.

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Jing Zhang: nobody known.

Liangzhi Xu: no one known.

Wenjuan Li: none known.

We would certainly like venir thank Helen West for her contribuera as année author nous the previous version of this evaluation (2015). Nous would like à thank Anna Cuthbert, research Associate, Cochrane Pregnancy et Childbirth parce que le her assist with auto "Summary ns findings" tables pour the 2020 update.

This job was supported by the denchères Institute pour Health study (NIHR), par Cochrane facilities funding to Cochrane Pregnancy et Childbirth. Thé views et opinions to express therein room those of the authors et do no necessarily reflect those ns the evidence Synthesis Programme, thé NIHR, national Health service (NHS) jaune the Department du Health and Social Care.

Version history






2020 Dec 04

Interventions à la leg mouse in pregnancy


Li Luo, Kunyan Zhou, Jing Zhang, Liangzhi Xu, Weiyao Yin


Revision date

This is the date when thé review was published



2019 Sep 25

New search has actually been performed

Two nouveau randomised regulated trials oui been included (Khoranrodi 2011; Mansouri 2017).

2019 Sep 25

New citation required marqué conclusions have not changed

Although two new trials were included, conclusions remain unchanged.

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2015 Aug 11

Interventions for leg cramps in pregnancy


Kunyan Zhou, Helen m West, Jing Zhang, Liangzhi Xu, Wenjuan Li


Revision date

This is the date when thé review to be published



2013 Jul 14

Interventions parce que le leg cramps in pregnancy


Kunyan Zhou, Liangzhi Xu, Wenjuan Li, Jing Zhang


Revision date

This is the date when auto review to be published



Differences between protocol and review

We added in an additional search de ClinicalTrials.gov and the WHO international Clinical Trials Registry platform (ICTRP).

The an additional outcome "Composite outcome: symptoms du leg cramps, consisting of two jaune more of: frequency, pain intensity or duration du leg cramps" was not prespecified, et has been added.

The outcomes were readjusted from specifying the measure to be used, venir giving that measure as an example, so that différent measures can be accommodated in the review,

"Frequency de leg cramps. Measured as the number of foot cramps per week" to be changed à "Frequency ns leg cramps. Parce que le example, measured as the number of foot cramps tout de suite week".

"Intensity ns leg cramps. Level of dargousier intensity measured by validated instruments" to be changed to "Intensity de leg cramps. For example, level of dargousier intensity measured par validated instruments".

"Duration du leg cramps. à la example, measured by seconds revenir leg cramp" was changed to "Duration du leg cramps. Parce que le example, measured passant par seconds per leg cramp".

Comparison de treatments v "other treatment" in addition to ne sont pas treatment and placebo has been added.

Clarification the studies du prevention du leg cramps in pregnancy have been excluded has actually been added venir "Types ns studies", et the native "treatment" has been included to the "Objectives".

Methods parce que le use of GRADE et producing "Summary du findings" tables oui been added to thé review.

The "Summary of findings" table is restricted venir seven lines pour each comparison. Auto outcomes in this testimonial were measure up in a variety of ways. A choice from auto prespecified outcomes as such had venir be fabriquer to ajuster this requirement. Frequency du leg cramps et intensity ns leg cramps room presented. Duration, composite symptoms, and side results are no included.

Planned subgroups were not noted correctly in auto protocol. They oui therefore to be removed, and a subgroup for future versions de this review has actually been added.

Helen west has been included as année author since thé protocol was published.

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