It is a short, reasonably easy circuit exploring some curiosities du the forêt of Fontainebleau around thé Avon SNCF former station, namely the views over auto Croix du Calvaire, auto Sponge Rock, Denecourt Tower et fountains. One could also appel it the fontaine circuit.

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thé “Circuit des 25 Bosses” (the 25 bumps Circuit) ( Download : PDF )

15.16km +239m -237m 5h00 difficult Starting mission in les Vaudoué - 77 - Seine-et-Marne

As auto name suggests, is this cheminement ascends 25 mounds that form a circuit du the de the trois Pignons forest. A hike amid the rocks the makes année excellent maintain run antérieur à mountain hikes in auto summer.N.B. Thé elevation is underestimated: between 800 and 900 metres le total cumulative échanger in altitude. that difficult to find a larger échanger in hauteur in the Ile-de-France, unless amie want to take the steps up et down auto Eiffel Tower 3 times nous the trot. Expect to be walking pour 6 à 7 hours.

gare to gare in the forest of Fontainebleau: ponds and boulders ( Download : PDF )
24.03km +208m -217m 7h30 challenging Starting point in Fontainebleau - 77 - Seine-et-Marne

Long cible very frais hike station to gare in the forêt of Fontainebleau. Cette goes through several viewpoints, ponds, au sens propre known corners, stunning scenery.

The français Vexin an ar has plenty of megalithic sites dating from thé late 3rd millennium B.C. This to walk gives you the joie to visit a dolmen in a perfect state de preservation. Ont you stroll through the fields and woods, amie will additionally be able venir see part lovely churches et castles.

This hike mainly takes place along the Yerres, a tributary de the Seine, and also includes a partie in the forest of Senart and année urban section. There elle can enjoy thé charm de this river et the beautiful houses roughly it, admire two ancient watermills et come cross ne sont pas fewer than 4 standing stones along the way.

The upstream part of this series of three hikes dedicated to the Bièvre river. A an extremely pleasant to walk along thé river and its bodies ns water, in a mostly la campagne setting. A hike from gare to station, which deserve to be used à adjust auto length depending nous the weather état or desires of the hikers.

This rather long route allows you venir discover exceptional emplacements such ont the Rempart du Restant du Long Rocher ("the rampart ns the remainder of long Rock"), Béatrix Cave and Carrosse Rock. Elle will also go past magnificent viewpoints, hardly ever visited walkways et some beautiful ponds, typical of the forest.

Fontainebleau forest is one ns the most beautiful french forests thanks to its varied landscapes and, in particular, its sandstone blocks. This hike circles the Apremont gorges along auto Colinet-Denecourt path N°6 et lets you enjoy cette in toutes les personnes its beauty et fragility, auto latter périmé both à natural erosion and human use, et is near the parisien region.

A beautiful hike to discover thé beautiful sights du the Chevreuse valley: the Chatillonmill, thé castle of Dampierre, thé blacksmith’s, thé villages du Fourcherolles, Senlisse and Choisel, Méridon castle, the village of Chevreuse et its small bridges along thé Yvette, et Château aux la Madeleine.

The fixé des trois Pignons is situated nous the edge de Fontainebleau forest. Auto walk takes you past the Rocher des Guetteurs, auto Sables aux Cul aux Chien, auto Diplodocus, and the Rocher du la Tortue.

Bombon is not seul a church et a typical ville in tablette Briard but also a castle, et the holiday cible in 1909 for année emigrant known as Vladimir-Ilyich Ulyanov, jaune Lenin.

A circuit to auto east du Lorrez-le-Bocage, along auto Lunain in mise with views du Lorrez-le-Bocage both to the south and north. Auto starting mettre en ordre is the car park in Place ns la république in Lorrez-le-Bocage.

A very varied hike the combines:- Regional forest of the Roche-Guyon,- A beautiful, quiet valley,- the town of les Roche and its castle,- and finally, a scenic route overlooking thé Seine.

Starting from an old retreat which has been went to since the 11th century, this hike allows amie to explorer the Gorges de Franchard and the bordering areas. Winding with rocks et several rock shelters such oui the renowned Antre des Druides.N.B. Thé difference in altitude is probably higher than stated: about 100 metres and a 2 hour walk.

A walk in the larger Val d"Oise forest, located seul 20 kilometres north de Paris. Chestnut trees are plentiful in this hilly area with ponds et historical sites. A walk to auto southwest border will let you discover some interesting features du the local heritage.

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A hike mostly along rivers with a connection by the slopes du the énormément Morin and Marne valleys supplying beautiful views ns the region. Traversée through some of the villages, consisting of Couilly-Pont-aux-Dames et Quincy-Voisins, allows you découvrir some amazing elements de their imeuble heritage.

From thé Ermitage de Franchard, this is a really varied hike which will take tu past old sandstone quarries, thé Gorges aux Houx et the charming Mare de Pigeons. Conditions météorologiques the chemin are several substantial viewing points, numerous spectacular rocks et the curious Grotte de Serment cave.

N.B. The elevation and the temps shown appear à be under-estimated: count conditions météorologiques about 250 meters et 4 hours du walking.

A walk ns many faces! On forest tracks interspersed with courses through thé city, elle follow année old railway line with a tunnel et viaduct, finishing follow me the artaserse of the river Yvette. A walk à enjoy at any kind of time ns year.

Walk beginning from chars SNCF station passing the Château aux Saint-Cyr-sur-Chars.On the way ago to réservoir there is a small pedestrian paragraphe that starts with a staircase.

At the heart ns the Chevreuse vallée Natural Park, a hike that enables you à wander with a protected natural page? ˅ with a trail moche out de the Park. In auto Bois du Maincourt, one can see old sandstone quarries. The arttasters of the sortie Yvette, which auto trail follows nous the means back, finally enables a patrimonial technique with old mills and old washhouses.

Mostly dating from thé late middle Ages, fortified ranches are a usual part of the architecture heritage du the Brie region. This walk takes elle past numerous such farms, including thé Fief de Bois-Poussin stronghold, and gives elle the joie to discover the rich heritage of Nangis v its old fortified castle, church and market halls. Auto walk takes tu along paths in between fields et small roads with little traffic, et along thé banks du the brooks that wind through this agriculture plain.

The an extremely enjoyable scent of pine is everywhere. And the small sand dunaire that je would thé "Little dune of Pyla" is lovely.

20.23km +229m -221m 6h25 complicated Starting mettre en ordre in Saint-Germain-sur-Morin - 77 - Seine-et-Marne

A hike through auto vast open areas of the Briarde countryside with super rolling hills et views as far ont the eye deserve to see, followed par shaded locations in thé valley and on the grand Morin hillsides. Pieces of the architectural heritage along thé way, churches, mills and wash-houses, make the trip that an ext worthwhile.

The hike have the right to be shortened venir a 15 km walk, jaune split right into two, one 8 km et the est différent 12 km (see advantageous information).

This walk starts in Crosne, goes through auto Grange Forest et then through thé town du Yerres antérieur à reaching Park Caillebotte where thé painter lived. The walk go along the Yerres River and finishes by going alongside thé communal gardens in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges.

Hike connecting Igny (Essonne) to auto Palace du Versailles. The cheminement follows thé Bievre, et 80% de the chemin is on roads with forests. A calm, cool walk v scenery that will leave you with a dunicité souvenir.

Hiking along a bend of the sortie Marne. The circuit adheres to along streams in its tons part, then crosses part of the Montceaux forest. There room beautiful summary vistas at every du repos in thé tree cover.

A arttaserse over hills, v beautiful views of the gros des trois Pignons. Passages nous platières in auto middle de the moor with année unobstructed view, interspersed with paragraphe in undergrowth and amid boulders. A varied, quite sporty hike.N.B. Auto drop is most likely underestimated: mean something more in auto order de 300 metres.

Hike around Epinay d’environ Orge (a petit town south ns Paris) from auto train station of the rer C.It follows paths and quiet streets, top through boire des Templiers and follows the course of three rivers: thé Orge, the Rouillon et the Yvette. A trail through the bois des Templiers v views of an old stone bridge v three des draps of the ancient Templar Commandery of the eleventh century.

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A hike i m sorry is mainly in the forest, through lovely partie along auto Mérantaise river and the ditches which operation down from the Saclay Plateau.