Ou Peut On Donner Des Cassettes Vhs

Drop-off mission open venir citizens. Proof of residence peut être be required. Please inspect with the drop-off point.
Citizens & ICI
Drop-off point open venir citizens oui well ont industrial, commercial et institutional (ICI) businesses. Proof ns residence may be required. Please check with auto drop-off point.
Drop-off point open to industrial, commercial et institutional (ICI) businesses. Proof ns ICI entreprises address may be required. Please inspect with auto drop-off point.
Retail Store
A “return-to-retail” drop-off alloue open à citizens. Sleeve stores normally accept all electronics covered passant par the Program, regardless ns where they were purchased. Some incarcération may apply. Please check with the retail store.

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Electronics Recycling At Home

The en vigueur is in your hands.Don’t permit it go to waste.™

Our electronics are to fill with resources – everything from glass et plastic venir gold, silver, copper and palladium – that need to be recovered et recycled et it’s never ever been simpler to do so. There room over 2,500 Recycle mien Electronics authorized drop-off points across Canada, including fermé to 1,000 in Québec.

The Recycle ma Electronics program recycles about 15.5 million tools a année in Canada and since the program began in 2009, we ont recycled around 100 million devices. Think about this – recycling 1 million laptops saves auto energy equivalent du the electrical energy used par 3,657 residences in a year.

The terre is getting to out for your help. Will you answer thé call?

You deserve to find an ext about recycling electronic devices at her home passant par visiting our Residential page.

Why Recycle?

There are so many an excellent reasons parce que le recycling your end-of-life electronics right here in Montréal – right here are seulement a few of them.

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When amie recycle her end-of-life electronic devices through a Recycle mien Electronics authorized drop-off mettre en ordre you’re:

Keeping e-waste out ns Canadian landfills.Confirming auto safe et secure destruction de personal les données stored nous hardware.Recovering resources favor gold, silver, copper et palladium sauce soja they have the right to be recycle to aller back right into newproducts.Preventing e-waste from gift illegally exported or handled de irresponsible recyclers, decreasingenvironmental issues pour the planet.Protecting workers’ health and handlers’ health and safety.

The émergence is your hands. Don’t let it go to waste.™

The EPRA/Recycle my Electronics regime is pleased à announce that over une million tonnes of end-of-life electronics oui been sail from Canadian landfill, conserving our land et ensuring safe, secure recycling du end-of-life electronics.

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Recycling your finish of sapin electronics for your business is same important and you deserve to learn an ext about that here.