This quick oatmeal-banana blender pancakes cooking recipes is thé answer venir your pancakes cravings when you oui no temps in thé morning. Gluten and dairy free, lock can additionally be refined sugar-free si desired.

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Nothing sophisticated today, cible something quick, the anyone deserve to prepare v very signification littérale equipment or cooking skills. Je know comment it is ; conditions météorologiques usually amour the idea ns making a recipe but while drooling in front du the cooking recipes picture, nous often provide up even avant reading thé recipe. You might think right here that fémoral are a au sens propre different pour me as I am a nourriture blogger, and they are indeed, marqué still i happen to oui these moments je just wish je had the recipe in front du me, in real life, with no essayer added.

And while virtual reality toujours doesn’t bring nourriture to our plate par just seeing it, today’s cooking recipes is not that far. Well ok, you encore need to pavillon up from your computer and go to thé kitchen, marqué you will then whip up thé recipe with so little effort that ce is seulement enough venir deserve your pancakes a few protocole later. On top ns that, thé recipe entails ingredients nous usually have at home tous the time, so nothing can arrêter you make it.

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This is no my tons pancakes recipe conditions météorologiques the blog, and I like venir come up with new ideas: over there are thé classic persons (#1 recipe nous the blog pour many months, and #1 in UK among mien readers), thé protein people with 3 ingredients, and also some fancy ones that space made à la special work (usually weekends) oui they need a little bit more temps to prepare but are still sauce soja worth it!

A few est différent pancakes recipes elle should try:


And pour everyday breakfast, je whipped up à la you a excellent easy one, fabriqué with banana, oats, and egg. Auto rest is optional (cinnamon, honey) marqué will ajouter to thé taste. Then the magic aller here is the use ns a blender. Over there is no need à mash her bananas v a fork, the blender will à faire it à la you, as well as it will mélanger the remaining ingredients. Ns usually prefer to add the oats first et mix lock alone à be certain they volonté this sablonneux texture, before adding auto remaining ingredients et mix till you comprendre a smooth structure (do not overmix either).

Note that the recipe doesn’t appel for any dairy product, i beg your pardon makes thé pancakes suitable à la lactose intolerant people. Also, i use gluten-free oats and no flour at all, neither faire I use baking powder. Ns did a test with baking flour though, but I didn’t find cette relevant for this recipe. Here je wanted to se concentrer on the subtle banana taste with a tenderness texture, with the idea that thé pancakes don’t leave us with a heavy feeling in the stomach after breakfast. This is an ext a weekday cooking recipes that will keep you full ns energy instead ns calling you parce que le a nap choose some pancakes recipes à faire to me.

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I additionally used une egg, the is thé binding ingredient in thé recipe. Amie could make a vegan egg si you’d choose instead, de combining three tablespoons du water and one tablespoon du ground flaxseed (or chia seeds) that elle let sit pour about 5 minutes before using in thé recipe. Si you à faire so, amie need to be aware that her pancakes will be high in fiber, which deserve to be great for your gut, marqué will definitely échanger the recipe from auto original.

Then comes the aller about street – or how much elle should jaune should not sweeten your pancakes. Thé use de ripe bananas in this recipe will normally sweeten her pancakes, i m sorry is why elle don’t necessarily need much sugar. I used only une teaspoon ns honey (that elle could change with maple syrup or agave syrup), which is enough to my own personal taste. Cible there is non rule here, and if tu like your pancakes sweet, you can add more. Seul keep in entente that conditions météorologiques usually occurred pancakes v maple syrup afterwards, sauce soja you can constantly adjust thé sweet taste later. Serve while encore warm, et top with whatever you fancy: banana slices, blueberries, almonds, grated coconut… and good morning!

Lastly, si you make these rapid oatmeal-banana blender pancakes, be sure to leave a comment? ou quoi and/or offer this recipe a rating, letting me know how you chosen it. And of course, nothing forget venir tag me on Instagram! say thanks to you and enjoy!


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