J’ai décidé du rédigé cet article en français, une version anglais devrait suivre .. Cette y a peu, notre lavocat linge Laden (FL1281) orient tombé en panne. Symptôme : il ne s’allume plus ns tout, non voyant du la facade … continue reading →

tag: lnk304pn, whirlpool backup Linux embedded system firmware (Heden, Foscam, WRT..)

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This short article talk about a cheap Heden clone the end camera cible should work conditions météorologiques most Linux embedded systems. Right here the little story : A friend ask je to repair his bricked Heden cam copy (no-name). Sauce soja let’s open up it, discover … continue reading →

tag: Bootloader, Camera, linux, Python Cheap DIY USB rus DAC

Due to parcelle of homework, ns haven’t found a de nombreux of temps to have fun electronic à la some times. I decided to échanger this par building an cheap USB DAC with roques output. There is a bunch of USB DAC … continue reading →

tag: dac, tube, usb affix NGW100 Linux (AVR32) venir Arduino through I2C

For a Linux installed training, i need venir find something amusant to plug on année AVR32 board. Auto board used parce que le the maintain is a NGW100 board. I decided venir try à use auto I2C bus. I have several I2C … continue reading →

tag: arduino, I2C, linux, openwrt Mbed Ethernet connection

I seul received my mbed module. This au sens propre ARM machine is nice cool, et the associated outils works quite nice. Of arttasters they cost a de nombreux of money, ns received mine for free pour the mbed contest. Really frais no … continuez reading →

tag: arm, mbed, rj45 really cheap USB venir TTL nous Atmega : 1.70$

One ns the most common way venir interface a microcontroler to a computer used venir be serial port. Cible right now, serial port ont been changed with USB nous most computers. A common way to fix this issue is à … continuez reading →

tag: atmega, avr, rs232, usb an enhancing IR remote cassettes vidéo sender (Thomson VS360U)

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In my home, I have a bad TV antenna, so we use only the cable receiver venir watch TV. But I ont two la télé sets. Je decided to buy a video sender a coupler of months ago, but never controlled … continuez reading →

tag: diy, infrared, transistor, vidéos sender indigenous Python à Vala à la 1wire security w/ Munin

Recently ns decided to tous les jours switch my henn computer off. This computer was typically on toutes les personnes time, et consume a lot of electricity. So, ns switched à a really small computer pour common task: ssh-server, wake nous lan (for mien … continue reading →

tag: 1wire, arduino, munin, Python, vala Howto usage AVR Dragon Jtag on Linux (Avarice + avr-gdb +DDD)

I purchase a couple of months back a au sens propre AVR Dragon card. My initial plan was à use it for debuging programs with thé embbeded JTAG. Cible I run right into several issue with that, mainly because auto lack of document … continuez reading →

tag: avr, gdb, linux SMD Soldering conditions météorologiques the cheap

Like a de nombreux of hobbits, ns don’t really like to solder SMD. It’s hard to solder with a normalement soldering iron (even this have the right to be done), et hot air soldering gare cost a little. (around 180 euro shipping included) i … continue reading →

tag: diy, solder

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