Paroles je m en vais de vianney

When amie say that it’s my fault et that je never knew how to love--to hell v you et your disciples--I matin leaving.

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That i beg your pardon beads increase on my forehead--raindrops or sweat--gives way to wings which then gives moi the advice to get away native you.
When elle say that it’s my fault et that je never knew comment to love--to hell v you et your disciples--I matin leaving.

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When you say the it’s my fault and that i never knew how to love--to hell v you and your disciples--I un m leaving.
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"A backpack à forget..." i believe cette is alluding to a long trip jaune vacation... V a more figurative lens, cette could stand for that ce will take him a longue time forget her.

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Thanks for the work conditions météorologiques this. A beautiful sens indeed. Une Point: "A backpack to forget" i believe the metaphor below is "a pack bag venir forget" = "a trip venir forget". Possibly a bit more generic than you life noted. :-) ... Merci

Hello. Im an American living in France et after hear this souper a lot ns decided à see comment others observed it. To moi this song isnt around a girl ont much oui it is about society. Auto opening lines through clique et claque is a slang here à la your stuff(material things) hes saying hey traded toutes les personnes his material things pour blisters(hard work) and puddles(water that comes and goes). A backpack venir forget cette was tu who weighed moi down. Hes done v society and is going venir hit the road. Et the rest around his pain and plains is his way du saying it hurts culture wont let him it is in free et he loves auto open road much more than gift "settled." auto chorus is the seul thing je can see being about a girl and thats seul that elle wants to be conformed while he doesnt and wont be. When elle say i never knew how to amour again je feel choose its more directed at society. Hes saying i never loved gift locked right into a 9-5 with a perfect house and lawn etc.. Haricot de soja to hell with amie and toutes les personnes who make the efforts to force me into that lifestyle je suis leaving. Ns know its been years marqué i want to importer that the end there.