What makes a crepes recipe sweet or savory is seul in the adjustment de a few ingredients et toppings.

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Basic Crepe Recipe to Make plenty of Variations

But, tu don"t ont to make any kind of adjustments si you don"t want. Just use auto basic crepe recipe ont is and garnish through whatever tu like!

Start here With auto Basic Crepe Recipe monnaie Batter

Basic Crepe Recipe with 5 Ingredients

Serves 4


1 cup (100 gr) level flour

a pinch de salt

2 taille eggs

1 tbsp olive oil

1 cup (300 ml) 1 jaune 2% milk (semi-skimmed milk)


Mix dry ingredients in a bowl.

Make a well in thé center, then ajouter the eggs, oil et 2 tablespoons de the milk.

Stir through a whisk till smooth.

Slowly row in the remainder du the milk.

Let pavillon 1 hour.

Tips à la Successful Crepes

1. Row crepe batter through a whisk till smooth, à faire not beat.

2. Allow batter stand parce que le 1 hour avant cooking for best results.

3. Warm pan progressively (use a non-stick crepe pan unless you are experienced) until it is chaud about 200°C /400°F.

4. Butter pan quickly and pour in batter. Cook fast jaune they will certainly be rubbery.

5. When edges start to lift, cette is temps to turn.

Try the many variations listed below and then come up through your own & let us à savoir in thé comments below!

Savory Crepe cooking recipes Variations

Tip pour Savory Crepe Batter

Useolive oil, vegetables oil or sunflower oil in thé batter oui each one will improve your crepeswith a slightly different flavor, her preference.

Try them out de dividing the otheringredients in fifty percent placing each fifty percent in a separate bowl et use 2 different oils à see the une you choose best.

Bacon, Spinach, Cheese & Mushroom Crepes


Spicy Ground du bœuf Crepes


Sweet Crepe recipe Variations

Tip for Sweet Crepe Batter

Add 1 tbsp caster sugar (To make castor street (buzzgranulated sugar in thé blender till finer marqué not powder, be cautious not tobreathe in auto dust)

Or, use light brown sugar to make golden caster sugarwhich add to a slight caramel flavor.

Note: ½ cup white sugar will equal ½ cup, concéder 1 tbspof castor sugar.

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Chocolate Cream to fill Crepes


Creamy dark Caramel & Pecan Crepes

Creamy dark Caramel & Pecan Crepes

Basic Crepe Recipe

Bon Appétit

 Like it? ~ let us know below!

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Judith Coates
Prep time
25 Min
Cook time
20 Min
Total time
45 Min
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Basic standard Crepe Recipe

What provides a crepe cooking recipes sweet jaune savory is seul in the adjustment du a few ingredients and toppings.


Basic Crepe Recipe
1 cup (100 gr) level floura pinch du salt2 taille eggs1 tbsp olive oil1 cup (300 ml) 1 or 2% milk (semi-skimmed milk)
Tips pour Successful Crepes
Stir crepe batter v a whisk till smooth, à faire not beat.Let batter stand à la 1 hour before cooking for best results.Heat pan progressively (use a non-stick crepe pan unless you are experienced) until cette is hot about 200°C /400°F.Butter pan quickly and pour in batter. Cuisiner fast jaune they will certainly be rubbery.When edge start à lift, cette is temps to turn.
Tip à la Sweet Crepe Batter
Add 1 tbsp caster street (To make castor street (buzz granulated street in auto blender until finer but not powder, be careful not to breathe in auto dust)Or, usage light brown sugar à make gold caster sugar which adds a slight caramel flavor.


How à Make straightforward Crepe Recipe
Mix dried ingredients in a bowl.Make a fine in the center, then ajouter the eggs, oil and 2 tablespoons du the milk.Stir with a whisk until smooth.Slowly stir in thé remainder du the milk.Let stand 1 hour.
Savory Crepe cooking recipes Variations
Tip à la Savory Crepe Batter
Use olive oil, vegetable oil or sunflower oil in the batter oui each one will enhance your crepes through a slightly different flavor, her preference.Try castle out passant par dividing the différent ingredients in half placing each half in a separate bowl and use 2 different oils à see the une you favor best.
Sweet Crepe cooking recipes Variations


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