Pate A Tartiner Le Comptoir De Mathilde

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Product visuel : Pate a tartiner du lait Speculoos ns Comptoir ns Mathilde

Nutritional worths :

Fat 35.0 g50 %Saturated Fat 5.1 gSalt 0.2 gSodium 0.1 gCarbohydrates 48.0 gSugars 45.0 gProteins 9.1 g

Location du production et sales

Each 100g les pièces of auto product "Pate a tartiner le lait Speculoos ns Comptoir ns Mathilde 30 g" contains 553 kcal (2,314 KJ). Auto pie graph below spectacles the calorie distribuer of thé product according à the joli of nutrients.

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The product has auto EAN encoder 3700961300474, it is called Pate a tartiner lait Speculoos du the brand Le Comptoir de Mathilde, ce is distributed with a quantity de 30 g.

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Nutritional valuesNutrition Facts

26 %
3 %
4 %
18 %
50 %
18 %

* thé percentage of daily values is based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your tous les jours values peut être be higher or lower depending nous your calorie requirements.

Nutritional values effronté 100g. The portion is based on the daily intake for an average 2000 calorie diet.
Pate a tartiner le lait Speculoos les Comptoir ns Mathilde 30 g quantity : 30 g henn category : no information Related category : ne sont pas information type of packaging : no information cétait une date the product was added : 06 Sep 2019
Origin of the ingredient : no information Place of manufacture or processing : no information Country of sale : Sales indicators : no informations
Food composition

Ingredients :

Additives :

Allergens :

Presence du possible traces du :

Should no contain palm oil.

Gluten free

No additive noted passant par the contributors, check thé ingredients.

No allergens noted de contributors, check ingredients si available.

No traces du allergens found passant par contributors, examine ingredients si available.

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EAN encoder 3700961300474

The EAN codé 3700961300474 corresponds to the product Pate a tartiner lait Speculoos defined above.