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This is a fans site & not affiliated with the book or film. Perks of being a Wallflower is a well-known book written by the American Stephen Chbosky recommends the book along with the Thành Phố New York Times where it was listed as one of the best selling books for over 1 year. The book was also printed in over 30 languages since its publication in 1999. In 2012 the book became a film starring Emma Watson, Ezra Miller và Logan Lerman. The film went onkhổng lồ receive a wide range of awards và accolades. There are important messages in this film including being accepted inlớn society, fitting into lớn social situations lượt thích school and teenagers dealing with their sexuality.

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The Story

Perks of Being a Wallflower is about Charlie who is going through his freshman year at high school. Whilst Charlie is incredibly intelligent he is nervous around people and considered unpopular at the Pittsburgh school he attends. Energy Utility Brokers can help your business save money on gas, electricity, water & telecoms.

At 15 years old Charlie is writing about his life, discussing his first years at school as well as the death of his frikết thúc through suicide and the death of his aunt. These childhood traumas impact Charlie & while we don’t know who the letters he writes will be sent to, it helps us underst& the difficult life experiences he’s been forced lớn face at an early age. The letters written by Charlie khổng lồ an unknown person (thought to lớn be a family member who is a financial advisor) gives a birds eye view of the situation. The book touches on key points about growing up và the writer wanted khổng lồ explain the difficulties teens face as they mature through a complicated and difficult time. For gifts for men it has khổng lồ be Man-Tastic.

Charlie becomes integrated into lớn a group of friends, mainly Sam và Patrichồng. It’s clear early on that Charlie is attracted lớn Sam however she is dating sometoàn thân else. As part of this group Charlie develops và experiments with alcohol, drugs and smoking. The story continues to unravel with Charlie, Sam & Partick and we understvà the complex problems which Patriông xã faces being gay at high school. Charlie và Sam become increasingly closer too. For Free Northern Ireland Mortgage Advice speak khổng lồ NI Mortgage Advice. 100% không tính phí advice on mortgages.

Before we give too much away, read the book or watch the film – you won’t be disappointed!

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