In this côté we will certainly talk about thé Rare Euro cent Coins, but avant entering into auto specific topic nous start from thé beginning. The Year 2002 is the year that marquages the entrance of euro cents right into Europe.The 1 euro is divided into 1 hundreds cents and the coins are eight in all: 2 euro | 1 euro | 50 cent | 20 cents | 10 cent | 5 cents | 2 cents | 1 cent.

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Introduction to rarement Euro des centaines CoinsCommon and Rare Euro des centaines Coins1-Cent – Rare Euro des centaines Coins2-Cent – Rare Euro des centaines Coins5-Cents – Rare Euro cent Coins10-Cents – Rare Euro cent Coins20-Cents – Rare Euro cent Coins50-Cents – Rare Euro des centaines Coins

Introduction to rare Euro des centaines Coins

All Euro coin have a map of leurope  on the reverse, while on the straight à côté de each angle has a different brouillon depending on the euro zone.

From this ce is basic to créé that there are a large number of coin in circulation, ns the very same denomination, v a variety ns different designs.

The 8 Euro cuts, including the Euro cents

In addition to this peculiarity, there are several rare Euro des centaines Coins. Most de them are coins created for commemorative purposes et issued à la collecting.But there are additionally some examples withdrawn native the market because they space wrong et therefore very rare pieces, or unfindable.

“Then go through her purses.You could ont a coin worth a couple of thousand euros and not savoir it.Then don’t say i didn’t warning you!” Cit.

Common andRare Euro cent Coins

Let’s currently go and discover in much more detail thé euro cents et the particularities du these small coins.

The 1, 2 and 5 cent coins show leurope  in relier to africa and Asia.

The 5 cent with leurope  between afrique and Asia

The others, discussed above, montrer the EU avant its développer (May 2004) until the minting of January 2007.

Euro Cents with a map ns Europe

The maïs minted later montrer a map du Europe.

These are just some de the curiosities about euro cents.If elle would like to learn an ext about collecting europe coins, then the Euro coin collections article is what you are looking for.


1-Cent –Rare Euro des centaines Coins

Let nous now volonté to sait the characteristics du the 1-cent euro coin, and let us see why everyone is looking pour the rarement one.

The 1 cent is auto smallest euro coins.It weighs 2.30 grams, has a diameter ns 16 mm and is fabriquer of steel with copper plating.The edges space smooth and the axes space German style.

1-cent angle has remained in circulation since 2002, return some of the bord date indigenous 1999, thé year in which auto euro to be minted.

The common à côté de of all 1 euro des centaines coins, auto reverse, to be engraved by Luc Luycx et shows a monde at thé bottom right.There room also thé then 15 members du the EU, the northern fifty percent of afrique and thé western half de Asia.Six thin lines cut from behind, diagonally, the globe with 12 étoiles at thé end.At the top left is the num 1 et the inscription EURO CENT.At thé bottom right du the monde are the initials du the engraver LL.

1 Euro cent Coins Castel de Monte

1 Euro des centaines with Castel del Monte

The directly side ns the coin is not unique marqué varies follow to the country of issue. However, toutes les personnes European countries must include the twelve stars, auto engraver’s initials et the année of sortir in their coins.

In thé mint of Rome, on the directly side, the angle shows Castel après Monte (Puglia), an octagonal building built passant par Frederick ii of Swabia.Around 12 five-pointed étoiles representing the European Union, under auto monogram ns the Italian Republic (R ns superimposed), between auto mint sign on the left and the initials ns the writer Eugenio Driutti ( ED superimposed). Below auto thousandth.The summary is smooth and the axes space German style.

Value of1-Cent rare Euro Coin

The value de the 1-cent angle varies according à several factors.Did you à savoir that tu can find pieces with a value du 1€ cible also native 550€?Let’s go et see in detail.

The 1 euro cent coin, minted in 2004, Greece, Luxembourg, Holland, in conserver status FDC, is worth seul 1 €1 euro des centaines from the Netherlands in 1999, si FdC, is worth about 1.20€.The 1 cent coin from Malta depicting thé temple du Mnajdra, if FdC is worth 2€.1 rare Euro cent Coins indigenous 2003 from the Republic of San Marino, worth about 10€ under FdC conditions.The rarest 1 rarement Euro des centaines Coins is a minting error. It is a unilateral minting, i.e. With année incision only nous the back and without thé year du minting. Ce is worth 550€ si FdC and you have the right to see année example in the image below.

The wrong 1-cent Euro Coin

Among thé euro cents there space some instances that could be an especially sought-after passant par collectors. In particular, what nous are going to describe now is much much more “known” than thé coinage error nous described earlier.It is 1 cent that, due to an error of the state mint, shows conditions météorologiques the straight à côté de the Mole Antonelliana .

1 Rare cent coin, likewise called 1 des centaines “Mole Antonelliana”, which has actually a value du thousands ns euros.

In particular, thé 1 cent coin shows the photo of the 2 centesimi coin, that is thé Mole Antonelliana of Turin. In reality the correct angle should represent Castel après Monte In Puglia.Also thé diameter is that ns the 2 centesimi coin, the is du 18,75 mm.

These 7000 wrong maïs were, in part, withdrawn ont soon oui the error was discovered.However, ce is thought that there room at least 100 maïs in circulation that have escaped requisition. These are specifically interesting parce que le both numismatics enthusiasts et collectors.

Valure ns the wrong 1-cent Euro Coin

The value ns the wrong 1 euro cent angle is roughly 2.500€ – 3000€. Some instances at thé auction “Bolaffi” have reached a value ns 6.000€.Interesting, isn’t it?At a Numismatic auction of Bolaffi on 23 peut faire 2013, auto most expensive piece was sold pour €6,600 with an auction établissement of €2,500.

Remember that Bolaffi own at the very least 6 bord with auto error!

2-Cent –Rare Euro des centaines Coins

Now let’s move nous to auto 2-cent coin.The 2-cent European coin corresponds to une fiftieth du a euro et is made of copper-plated steel.It has a diameter ns 18.75 mm, weighs le3 grams and has a thickness ns 1.67 mm.The axes are German style and the contour with horizons thread.

All maïs have a common design on the back and a country-specific right face.The common à côté de of toutes les personnes coins to be engraved par Luc Luycx and shows a monde at the bottom right.You can also see the then 15 members de the EU, auto northern fifty percent of africa and the western half ns Asia.Six slim lines couper from behind, diagonally, the globe with 12 étoiles at thé end.

At the top left du the 2-cent angle there is the alors 2 and the word “EURO CENT”.At thé bottom right of the monde are thé initials ns the engraver LL.

In auto Mint of Rome, the angle shows nous its straight à côté de the Mole Antonelliana. The brouillon of auto Mole Antonelliana was also accidentally minted nous some 1-cent coins, bring about a minting error that has sent to the star the quotation de this angle for angle collectors. Nous talked about ce in the previous chapter.

Around 12 five-pointed stars representing thé European Union, nous the left auto monogram of the Italian Republic (RI overlapping), nous the right the mint sign et the monogram du the writer Luciana aux Simoni (LDS). The la description of the angle is completed de the German-style axes and the contour with horizon threads.

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2-Cents angle worth 2.500 euro

As we oui already written before it is a 2 cent angle with printed personnage of thé 1 des centaines coin. We refer venir this coin as “1 cent with the Mole Antonelliana” or “wrong 1 cent of euro”, because it has the conception that auto 1 cent angle should have.

However, si you watch at the coin from the alloue of view du its diameter, ce is actually a 2-cent coin et therefore amie can express to cette correctly with auto terms “2 rare cents ns euro” or “2 dorn cents ns euro”.

How à faire you identify it? auto diameter” si you uncover a 1-cent coin with thé largest diameter de a normal 1-cent coin, then that is a minting error. Over there are because of this various opportunités that it is seulement the 2 rarement cents that everyone would certainly like venir find.

Value du Rare 2-Cents Coin

The 2-cent FDC coin has a value ranging from 20 cents venir 50 cents. Over there are also examples that space worth much more. Let nous give a few examples:

The value ns the 2 rarement Euro des centaines Coins de the Vatican coined (67.000 pieces) between 2002 et 2003 through FDC conserver status is oui high ont 110€ (55€ if BB).Not à forget auto 2 cents ns 2500€ that, as already mentioned, make this cut particularly interesting.

The Eurozone nations are abandoning auto 1- et 2-cent coins, i m sorry will result in a higher valuation as they may become rarement over time.So before you get rid de these coins, think about it!

Now, if you have rare maïs like this (but likewise different rarer coins), tu can have fun et earn some money by auctioning castle online. Nous always buy and sell coins at auction utilizing this partner site. Ce is the largest online angle auction site and we yes, really recommend it. Both selling et buying maïs at auction is easy and exciting.

5-Cents – Rare Euro cent Coins

The 5 euro cent angle has a value de one twentieth du a euro et is fabriquer of steel spanned with copper.It has actually a diameter ns 21, 25 mm, weighs 3.92 grams et has a thickness ns 1.67 mm.The axes in this boîte are likewise German style and the structure with horizons thread.

As for the 1 and 2 cents, also thé 5 cents have a typical face et the right side of the angle with a different design depending conditions météorologiques the country du the euozona.On thé right, de Luc Luycx, there is the value du the coin on the left, while conditions météorologiques the ideal there is a drawing ns the sol crossed passant par 6 lines that sign up with 12 stars.The conception of the earth symbolises europe in branchement to auto world, while auto 12 stars recall thé European flag.

On thé back of the coin, in the mint ns Rome, is engraved the Colosseum or Flavian Amphitheatre.Around cette are 12 five-pointed étoiles representing the European Union, at the top right auto monogram de the Italian Republic (RI), at the top contempt to thé left the mint sign et at the bottom auto thousandth.

Under the base of auto Colosseum, conditions météorologiques the right, thé initials of the author Ettore Lorenzo Flappicini (ELF).The 5 euro area cents ont a different brouillon but all have 12 stars, the engraver’s initials et the year de issue.

Value de 5-cents Euro Coin

The least usual 5 cents coin has a value varying from 1€ venir 15€ Some divers coins, however, are taken into consideration 5 cents of value and quoted at about 40€.

5 cents de the countries Ireland, Portugal, Greece and Spain, minted in 2002 is worth 1 € (BU)The 5 cents du Malta 2008 through designed thé temple du Mnajdra, is worth 1 € (Fdc)5 Cents du the Republic du San Marino, minted in 2003, is precious 10 € (BU) The rare Euro des centaines Coins minted by the mint Rome, minted 2003, room worth 15 € (if SPL)The 5 cents rarement Euro des centaines Coins of the Vatican Mint, produced in 2002, are worth 40 € (Fdc)

10-Cents –Rare Euro des centaines Coins

The 10 cent euro coin is worth une tenth of a euro et consists of an alloy dubbed Nordic gold.It has a diameter ns 19.75 mm, weighs 4.10 grams et has a thickness ns 1.93 mm.All bord have a common face à face on auto back et a specific for each country nous the right side.On the reverse, de Luc Luycx, is present nous the right the value of the angle while conditions météorologiques the left over there is a drawing depicting auto map of leurope  crossed passant par 6 lines that join 12 stars.

The brouillon recalls the unity of leurope  while the 12 star recall the European flag.The leaf is striped through thick knurling and the axes are German style.

On the straight side, in auto mint ns Rome, the angle shows auto “Birth de Venus” passant par Sandro Botticelli.Around cette are 12 five-pointed stars representing the European Union, at the top right thé thousandth et the monogram de the Italian Republic (RI overlapping), on the right of the neck ns Venus the mint authorize (R).Between deux stars, auto initials de the writer Claudia Momoni (CM).

Value ns 10-cents Euro Coin

In the absence of minting errors or peculiarities du the specific 10 des centaines euro coins, the angle has a face value ns 10 cents.However, there room some particular hachette that have the right to increase the value. Année example is thé 10 euro cents de Malta in 2008, i m sorry in FdC quality are precious 1€.

It is not année interesting angle therefore for the collectors or for the “seekers du treasures”. Jaune is it?

Value du 10-Cents year 2002

The 10 cent angle with année of issue 2002, has actually a rather exciting value for angle collectors et numismatists.

These are generally pieces with production errors. They variety from €236 for a angle with année error in thé year of issue (2002) because venir read the date you oui to turn the angle 180°, up venir €288 parce que le a coin minted in 2002, Germany.

20-Cents –Rare Euro des centaines Coins

The 20 cents euro angle is worth one fifth of one euro.It has a diameter of 22.25 mm, is 2.14 mm thick et weighs 5.74 grams.The edge is smooth with seven recesses (Spanish flower) et is fabriqué of alloy called Nordic gold.As for tous the other maïs already described, thé back has a usual face and another the depends on the country du the euro zone.

In the caisse of the mint ns Rome, it presents nous its straight affronter “Forme Uniche tous Continuità nello Spazio” (Unique Forms ns Continuity in Space), a 1913 work passant par the futurist sculptor Boccioni.Around 12 five-pointed star representing thé European Union, nous the left thé monogram ns the Italian Republic (RI overlapping), nous the right thé mint sign and the monogram de the author marié Angela Cassol (M.A.C.).

The angle dates back to 2002, as soon as euro coins and banknotes were presented into thé euro area, v 12 member states.

Value of 20-cents Euro Coin

Let’s aller find thé value du 20 cents of Euro.

Under normalement circumstances, 20-cent coin in circulation have a visage value du 20 euro cents. Strange, isn’t it?If, conditions météorologiques the différent hand, they oui special features, such oui minting errors or metal redundancies, aRare Euro cent Coins ns this kind deserve to be worth from €3.25 to €55 in FDC. Et that’s auto good news.Value of 20-Cents année 1999

Another alloue for thé sensational error of coinage of the 20 centesimi angle with the thousandth du coinage 1999 approve in 2002:

The 1.179.335 coins, minted de mistake, were toutes les personnes withdrawn and destroyed (…almost all of them).

The samples stolen from auto Mint before the withdrawal, have no économiquement value because they are not marketable, jaune at least this is what auto Italian authorities declare.

Moreover, anyone is found in possession of it can be accused of receiving stolen goods, and the de largent can be confiscated immediately.

With this premises, elle understand well the these maïs are à say auto least “interesting” for amateurs and Numismatics and their “illegal trade” is an ext than probable.

Obviously we aller NOT know their (illegal) value.

So watch out and if you have a few “special” cents, rely on a great numismatist à la advice jaune keep it et then ask à la information native experts.

50-Cents –Rare Euro des centaines Coins

We talked about these coins in un autre article that amie can find conditions météorologiques this page:rare 50 cents ns Euro.

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Alice Costa I am passionate about numismatics and coins (especially the 2 euro commemorative coins and the italian lire), I être always looking à la the most specific curiosities. Je like venir introduce auto beauty et value that bord can hide.