Pierre henry france terre d asile

The Normandy parce que le Peace plan is auto result ns the region’s desire to continue the occupational which began in 1945 venir promote remembrance in Normandy and to come to be a laboratory for lasting peace. During auto World Forum et throughout auto year, initiatives, certified projects et events promote thé values ns peace and freedom which space so important to Normandy.

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This forum is an annual opportunity for reflection and abordage on globale tensions et peace-building. Cette is led de experts in geopolitics, alongside representatives de States, auto academic world and civil society.
Education à la peace, elevating awareness du geopolitical questions et remembrance room at the heart de Normandy for Peace. Thé Region draws nous high-level clinical expertise, emerged within a moyeu of academic expertise conditions météorologiques issues related to peace. Young people occupy an important function within thé World Forum et the events created et supported by the Normandy region throughout auto year.
The liberty Prize rapide young personnes aged 15 to 25 from France and around auto world to choose année inspiring person jaune organisation, cursed to an exemplary fight à la freedom. What makes this prize soja special is that cette involves young personnes at each ns its stages: from thé proposals submitted venir the international panel ns judges venir the critique selection du the winner.
The D-Day Landings ns 6 june 1944 were a decisive turning alloue in the seconde World War: thé liberation de France and Europe began nous Normandy’s beaches. Ce was in Normandy, 70 years ago, that today's world began to take shape. Over auto last 70 years, our region has developed itself oui a tourist cible which is closely linked to remembrance: tourists from every country and every generation come here to learn about and remember those who worked pour peace.

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Normandy for Peace likewise organises an annual spectacle of education events, exhibitions, academic conferences et cultural events. Organised par the Region and its partners, these events demonstrate Normandy’s focus on the values de peace and freedom.


Pierre Henry has actually played, from auto moment hey became Director-General in 1997, a decisive function in the development de the association France terrestre d"asile, par building one ns the biggest organization in auto field of human and migrants’ civil liberties defense (900 employees et 75 million euros of yearly budget). Cette is a recognized qualifié in the migration sector.

He is auditor ns the 27th session du the institute FMES (IHEDN). Hey was appointed chevalier of thé Legion of honor in 2013. Hey is chairman of france Fraternités, année organization à la the avoidance of hate speech online et the promotion de secular solidarity initiatives. In respectable 2017, hey became a member ns the Franco-German Integration Council.

Pierre Henry is a graduate du the School à la Advanced études in the Social science (French: École des hautes Etudes en sciences Sociales; also known oui EHESS) et holds a level in philosophy. After functioning in auto European Parliament et leading auto Mediterranean institute of Communication, hey was appointed Chief of Staff du the President of the office of international Migration (IMO). Hey served for six years ont Head of la communication of auto Regional Chamber de Commerce and Industry de Picardy. Hey was ville councilor from 1983 venir 1989 (PS) during the mandate of alain Peyrefitte in Provins.

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He was a member ns the executive, management Committee of the europe Council pour Refugees and Exiles (ECRE) indigenous 2008 à 2014, ont well as Deputy Secretary-General du the association carrément et Démocratie. From 2005 venir 2011, hey was a member ns the Board de Directors de the french Office de Immigration and Integration (Ofii). Cette is accredited to the UN (ECOSOC). Hey is a member ns the Franco-German Integration the supervisory board (CFAI) due to the fact that its création in 2017.

Pierre Henry has published several books:

• immigrant : open Letter to Humanists in General et to Socialists in Particular, das points dessus les je editions, 2008• panic at auto Borders– année Inquiry into leurope  that shuts Itself Off), afterword, maximum Milo editions, 2011• attention in auto Country of normalement Left-wing, with Jean-Luc Gonneau, les points dessus les ns editions, 2014• K. O. Jaune Brotherhood, Hermann Publishing, November 2016