Place acdc stade de france 2015

To celebrate the release du their fifteenth album, Rock or Bust, auto legendary Australian group, v 200 million album sold, went back out nous the road à begin a people tour.They to be at Stade du France on may 23, 2015 and May 26, 2015!

ACDC were ago at Stade du France virtually 8 years after their tons appearance in 2001!The opportunity venir come and play song from freshly released "Black Ice" albums and their classics.

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Their first album of auto 21st century, Stiff upper Lip marked thé return du ACDC after 6 years without a new release, and was the l’occasion of a la tour that lasted virtually a year and took place tous over auto world.This to be the life time the ACDC played at Stade du France and was a memorable occasion for all who were fortunate enough to attend.

ACDC biography

Founded in 1973 par two brothers (Angus and Malcolm Young), ACDC are a Rock grouper initially composed de 5 members (Vocals - north - solo Guitar - Rhythm guitar - Bass)./p>

The vocals, originally performed de Dave Evans, were conveniently given to bon Scott, that was considered to be more experienced and suited to the Group. Hey was auto Group’s singer from 1974 until his fatality in 1980.

A tragedy, thé death of super Scott, and a new tons with Brian Johnson

The frontman"s death nous February 19, 1980 marked a setback à la the coporation, groupe which thought about breaking up pour a time, avant making auto decision to continuez the adventure, due to the fact that "that"s what amende would ont wanted".

He was replaced de Brian Johnson, climate singer of the coporation, groupe Geordie, who calmer holds this emplacement today. In between 1980 and 2016, the grouper released nine albums for a total du 17 album over their entire career.

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Built venir host thé 1998 FIFA people Cup, Stade aux France turned into a mythical à venir when france won auto World Cup final there against Brazil. Because then, Stade aux France has hosted auto most prestigious sporting events: Champions league finals, IAAF world Championships, Rugby human being Cup, thé UEFA Euro 2016, et the paris 2024 lété Olympics.

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Every year, thé Stadium features thé greatest matches played by France national football and rugby teams, ont well ont the football League Cup Final, the français Cup Final et the haut 14 Final.