Place De La Femme Dans La Société

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Idea ns Progress.

Considered oui a principal means of orientation in a complicated world, the concept of progress has actually accompanied thé greatest moment in history. Ce informs and over throw heritage and traditions,bringing with ce a an excellent variety du evolutionary processes as well as resistance à change.The acceleration ns advanced sciences and technologies and the cult of innovation and progress ont been, pour several decades, thé reason for an increased awareness of the possible consequences of such technologies.

We will see through examples, documents, the concept of Idea of Progress.

In a document, auto presenter announced that thé Connecticut Senate voted in favor of abolition de the death penalty, abolition should become law. Connecticut is auto 17th state venir abolish auto death punish in auto United States. A regulation that separated because de the consequences ce may have à la the 11 uncovered in thé death row. Thé law gives emprissonnement life. Thé abolition du the death penalty is a development in auto USA.

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There space too progress parce que le the ladies in thé world. Elle are winner a parcelle of rights such oui the possibility venir give their opinion in année election. So, their sapin is much more equal à that men's but a parcelle of things in culture give women much less equality than men. Wowen at work throughout the centuries and World battle II. Thé middle class woman are traditional jobs as nurses and teachers. After thé wedding, elle quiets thier job for her family. Auto poor class woman constantly worked ont a matter of survival. The World War ii was a key de the history du woman in the working place. Ont the manwere at war, womens began recuiting in skipy et factories et ammunition plants. It changed people's mentality, working parce que le the war industrie was considered patriotic, so thier see was positive. Thé US authority encouraged thé women at work, they fabriquer propanda de printing posters who reflecting women in manufacturing facility uniforms, wilding hefty equipement. Women were portayed ont strong and beautiful.

Women knew during auto years a progression social, and in thé world de the work.

The progress ns sciences is really present. A cartoon which spectacles clones developed on année assembly line for mass-production. Auto clones toutes les personnes look alike : jeune strong men. Someclones which room physically different are extracted, selected and trashed into thé waste bin. This synthetic selecion is a clear reference venir eugenics, a doctrine which aimed at selecting thé « best » person beings. That could lead to genocides jaune at least discrimination since to auto imposed criteria don't expropriate those who don't 'fit in thé mould'.

Sciences constantly progressing et allows us to choose the characteristics du our baby. Science allows us to choose auto color ns eyes, thé sex, the color du the hair du the child. Furthermore cette allows us to choose the level de the intellect of the child. It is a big advance pour the science but that causes criticisms. The opinion denounces this system because ce is unnatural. But, venir choose his(her) bébé can additionally be année opportunity for families. Science also suggests being cured a ailing child de making a second bébé to look at after it. Cette is a dilemma parce que le the parents because there is a risk à la the second child. Cible it is likewise a method to oui children in an excellent ones health.

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The progress doesn't arrêter evolving à la several years et in various domainsarrow-10x10 in the social, political jaune technological standing. Thé idea ns progress will not arrêter evolving also in the next centuries.