Our Lifestyle change in France

In this letter from France, we spend a couple of days in Poitiers, a city in western france described oui having an exceptional imeuble heritage with much more than 86 noted monuments. Auto Romanesque et Gothic architectural was appealing to us oui was auto apparent ease of exploring its historic centre.

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But, comment did nous come to be in this part ns the world?

Reaching a “certain age” can create quite a quandary in one’s life. How do you make auto most de the life you oui left. Thé quandary was even greater à la us having seulement completed 11 years of ex-pat first in thé Middle East.

A “Lifestyle Change” was certainly in order ont we planned our repatriation à our home country. “Let’s to buy a motor home and travel around à la a while. Conditions météorologiques will hopefully find inspiration and année exciting wee place to settle pour our twilight years. We’ll develop an online business so we never oui to retire et stop travelling”.

Cue the purchase of one Ute, one caravan, and nine months later on after travelling auto country et “house sitting” in the colder months nous were pondering the émergence over a glass du red in front de a log feu when “ping” – a message in our Twitter mailbox.

A lovely couple in france had review our article on “Separation tension in Pets” et were wondering si we would consider sitting à la their extremely strung, anxious pup, in a village in southerly France for six mainly in thé coming spring.

It didn’t take us longue to see this ont a sign pour us. Thé lifestyle échanger we had developed wasn’t rather giving nous the bourdonner of excitement we were feather for.

Here conditions météorologiques Are living in France

Fast forward 6 months and we had sold increase everything and arrived in la france to a little ville in auto Vienne halfway in between Limogé and Poitiers. We fell in amour with the dog and quickly ingratiated oneself into année existing ex-pat community. Conditions météorologiques loved auto village and the community sauce soja much that two weeks into our six-week housesitting engagement we had actually bought a 200-year-old village house.

Why might amie wonder? Well! france is the central of auto world, after all. Living here will allow us to continuez to travel et develop our entreprise whilst having a aménagements to come et go from. Our destinées is to arrêter flying, travel passant par car and explore the entire European polluant whilst we are toujours fit et able enough.

We’ll start with France and explore offseason, destinations conditions météorologiques would probably never oui heard ns had nous not to be living here.

Our first adventure was to spend a few days in Poitiers, a ville with a population du 87K et only a short one hour conduire from our village of 1300! it’s a favourite cible of the est différent villagers for shopping and eating out and as wednesday been so busy with the settling in process et not had the time to explorer we chose to oui a staycation and explore ont much as we could in a few days.

We had actually winter garments shopping, eating out et exploring Romanesque and other historic architectural to do.

Where venir Stay In Poitiers

We page to continue to be at the IBIS Gare de Poitiers which is located désarmant to thé railway station. The reason we chose this particular hôtel is tons because de the an excellent location et secondly, cette was a great deal à la a brief stay at €58 pn. The laure is perfect for année overnight continue to be prior to onward travel to other larger urban such as Paris, Toulouse and Bordeaux. That also only 10 minute walk from thé historic quartier général where amie can meander and explore all that historic imeuble plus enjoy french cuisine, wine et people watching.

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We’ve chosen thé IBIS as our preferred supplier parce que le our travel around France et joined your loyalty programme so we’ve the evaluation this hotel and will evaluation others as we continuez our adventure.

Best purchase in Poitiers

Shopping to be high conditions météorologiques our ordre du jour after seven months in our exciting wee village, most of which there is no transport. Although we do have thé odd clothing store within a short conduire the selections are limited. Soja I pour one was exceptionally excited at the prospect of année afternoon in a shopping mall. Our picks parce que le reasonably well-rounded shopping experience:

Centre commercial Auchan Chasseneuil

This was our least desired shopping experience conditions météorologiques the work offering année Auchan hypermarket which was not as good as others we’ve experienced, et not much else.

La galerie – énorme Beaulieu

La galerie was pretty an excellent with a massive Geant hypermarket offering a good range du well priced simple clothing. Also, ns was happy à find in this mall H&M, Promod, Camaieu, Kookai – soja some great stores à la women’s clothing.

Aushopping Poitiers Sud

Aushopping was our pick pour the best et most successful shopping experience on the day. This is a géant complex through individual shops attached à a purchase mall featuring année Auchan hypermarket, and a little wine bar. A good feature when the male ns the cooperation is all shopped out and you are just getting started.

Poitiers publicité Centre

This purchase mall in the historic central within walking éliminer of the surtout historic attractions was unremarkable offering an odd mix of seemingly high value stores.

Where à Eat in Poitiers

Eating out was high conditions météorologiques our ordre du jour also and on the recommendation de the bourgade tribe nous ventured venir Profuzion pour lunch nous our life day. Profuzion is année Asian saint “all amie can eat” restaurants in Chasseneuil-du-Poitou, 5 minute from a gros DIY store, Leroy Merlin, haricot de soja a victory win for us ont we work nous our village house. Thé presentation and freshness of the nourriture were stunning et the service just perfect. Cible be warned, take your time or you’ll it is in stored in non time et unable venir experience her fill du the numerous delights.


Add venir this mélanger a menus bursting with auto flavours de seasonal et regional fresh produce and exceptional service and our life formal dining endure in france was superb.


After indulging in our Croque Madame et a coffee or two nous headed to the Église les notres Dame la grande famous parce que le being the most beautiful Romanesque facade in the world. Conditions météorologiques were no disappointed. Thé restoration of the intricate sculptures on the facade has accentuated thé visual magnificence of the depiction du many bible stories.

The interior de the cathedral is equally oui mind-blowingly beautiful ont the exterior. Ont is the des boites with many ns these historic structures in leurope  this structure spans a num of centuries, rebuilds and reincarnations, in this case, 10th to auto 19th century. Auto vaulted ceiling journée back to auto 12th century and is adorned v magnificent frescoes. Inside many of the naves thé murals are an ext modern marqué equally oui fascinating et date venir around 1851.


Last cible not least oui we neared the river nous our wee historical tour ns Poitiers is auto Church ns Sainte-Radegonde a medieval roman Catholic church date from the 6th century. Auto current church was created from thé 11th to thé 12th centuries et although i do not have anything near as beautiful and intricately embellished oui St-Pierres jaune the Eglise notre Dame, seulement the actual age of this charpente had nous scratching our heads.

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After 3 days we realised conditions météorologiques had Really just scratched the surface du things venir see et do in Poitiers. We destiné to visit again in spring and summer venir explore and enjoy some auto beautiful gardens, parks et outdoor spaces.