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The Pokémon entreprise routinely releases new games in pairs. Each dépense of a new Pokémon game offers small heureux differences to promote trading between friends. This was the case with pokémon Red and Blue in 1998, and has ongoing to thé latest release, Let"s marche Pikachu and Eevee parce que le Nintendo Switch.

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While the édition exclusives pour each jeu were currently revealed de The pokémon Company, bien sur factors peut faire sway Pokémon ventilateur to pick either Pikachu jaune Eevee.

Here"s a breakdown du what"s various in every game.


Both versions du "Pokemon Let"s Go" have their differencesNintendo POKEMON LET"S go PIKACHU

Version Exclusives

In Let"s go Pikachu, there are three pokemon that show up in thé wild seulement un in this version. These pokemon are:


This, du course, also method their evolutions won"t be catchable in Let"s go Pikachu. However, trainers can easily acquire these Pokémon par trading through a joueur using Let"s go Eevee.

Also, Let"s Go deserve to connect to pokémon Go. Trainers have the right to simply transport them from the mobile game to the Switch, si they oui them.

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Partner Pokémon

Your partner pokémon in Let"s go Pikachu is the iconic Electric-type. While your friend won"t it is in able venir evolve right into Raichu, this unique Pikachu is more powerful than her run-of-the-mill électricité mouse.

Its Individual values (IVs) space maxed out, cible it"s auto special attacks cette can learn along your journey the make it really powerful. Right here are thé moves your companion Pikachu deserve to learn:

Zippy Zap (Electric-type)

Fally fall (Flying-type)

Splishy Splash (Water-type)


Version Exclusives

Like Let"s aller Pikachu, there room three pokemon that are exclusive à Eevee. Again, this also way their evolutions can not be acquired unless it"s with trading or connecting to Pokémon Go.


Partner Pokemon

In the nouveau Pokémon game, Eevee is an ext powerful than your usual Fox Pokémon. Choose Pikachu, that is IVs will certainly be maxed out to give you an edge in battle. However, Eevee learns more moves 보다 its counterpart.

Here are auto moves the Eevee deserve to learn à help you nous your journey. Interesting enough, each represents one ns Eevee"s evolutions.

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Sizzly on slide (Fire-type)

Buzzy buzz (Electric-type)

Bouncy bubble (Water-type)

Darky dark (presumably Dark-type)

Glitzy light (presumably Psychic-type)

Have elle decided which édition of pokemon Let"s Go you"ll choose? permit us sait in the comments section below.