Pole Emploi Et Auto Entrepreneur 2018

Up till late 2017, France"s société Security système had a separate scheme pour self-employed employees not affiliated in agriculture. The social Security gaue won Law parce que le 2018 got rid of the mode Social des indépendant (RSI) and these workers" compulsory social Security coverage is now provided par the normal scheme. However, as described de this document, there are specific provisions i beg your pardon apply to self-employed workers.

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I. Introduction

A 2-year period du transition (up to January 1st, 2020) has actually been set up to transfer RSI"s duties over to auto organizations in charge of the général scheme (CPAM, CARSAT, URSSAF, et CGSS à la France"s abroad departments).

The se réconcilier RSI funds became social Security branches nous January 1st, 2018. They ont kept thé same duties (in partnership with auto approved institutions when cette comes to compulsory health-maternity insurance), other than that they now work on behalf ns the général scheme.

For their wellness insurance coverage, in 2019, all new self-employed workers are required to register with the locale health insurance fund (“caisse primaire d"assurance maladie”/ CPAM) whereby they live. Oui from 2020, toutes les personnes self-employed workers through previous RSI membership and management ns benefits by année approved insurer jaune mutual money will marche through their CPAM for toutes les personnes health et maternity insurance et payment of du quotidien benefits. Auto funds that have been assigned venir cover self-employed workers are likewise in charger of payment basic et compulsory supplementary social security retirement pensions et disability-death services (on behalf de the aperçu scheme).

A. Organization

Social security for self-employed workers is based nous a decentralized network:

One national fund tasked by the social Security scheme parce que le self-employed workers with coordinating auto network du 29 local branches:(1 per administration region, le3 in auto Ile-de-France region, 2 in auto Provence-Alpes-Côte d"Azur region, 2 in auto Rhône-Alpes region, et 2 branches in France"s abroad Departments, 1 parce que le the Antilles et Guiana et 1 pour Reunion),One committed branch pour private-practice professionals,Numerous communication points,A network de approved insurers and mutual accumulation that manage health et maternity insurance benefits and pay daily benefits.

The fund to which self-employed workers belong depends on their condition or nous where lock work:

Self-employed craftspeople, shopkeepers, jaune manufacturers belong venir the société Security branch the is local to their home,Self-employed individuals in inland terre who work oui crew members: thé Ile-de-France centre branch,Voluntary members de the old-age insurance allowance who room residing abroad: thé Ile-de-France occidental branch,Self-employed individuals working in Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon belonging to the Ile-de-France centre branch pour their compulsory supplementary old-age insurance,Self-employed people working in france who room entitled to health insurance allowance benefits but are resident in un autre country belonging to auto branch that is local to their work residence.

To determine which branch you belong to, please refer à the français Social protection system"s website parce que le self-employed workers.

B. Scope

Members of the following categories have compulsory member in auto self-employed workers" social security scheme, even si they are also in salaried employment:

craftspeople and tradesmen (company managers) listed on the français trade register ("Registre des métiers"),shopkeepers et manufacturers (company managers) listed nous the french register ns companies ("Registre ns commerce rang des sociétés"),certain lentreprise executives or partners,the couple (through marriage or poli union ("pacs")) ns craftsmen or shopkeepers si they have opted à la contributing spouse ("conjoint collaborateur") status.Those v "auto-entrepreneur" status.

*A distinction is fabriqué between private-practice travaux to which certain regulations apply (e.g. Parce que le architects, lawyers, doctors, midwives, notaries, etc.) and unregulated private-practice travaux (all others).

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Members of the following categories have the right to join voluntarily:

former compulsory members,persons assisting the entreprise manager in performing his/her duties without gift paid and without member in a compulsory société security system (this deserve to be an unmarried spouse or another family member),nationals of la france or of autre European concis Area nation engaging in self-employed crafts-related, manufacturing, or retail entreprises in another country.those with voluntary old-age, disability, et death insurance member (craftsmen et shopkeepers working abroad).

II. Contributions

Urssaf (or CGSS in France"s abroad departments) collects tous compulsory société security contribuer from craftspeople et shopkeepers:

health-maternity insurance,daily benefits,basic and supplementary pension,disability-death,family services (these room then paid par France"s household Benefits accumulation (CAF),CSG-CRDS, intérieur solidarity charge for social security financing,professional training contribution

Members of a regulated private-practice profession jaune those covered by CIPAV for their pension et disability- death insurance pay don to one de the 10 career-specific chapters coordinated de CNAVPL (the private-practice professionals" old-age insurance fund), or CNBF (the french Bars" denchères fund) pour lawyers (rates vary by profession). They also pay health et maternity, family benefits, et professional maintain contributions, in addition to CSG-CRDS charges, to URSSAF.

NB: oui from January 1st, 2018, rather than joining CIPAV, individuals who create a société as année "auto-entrepreneur" venir exercise année unregulated private-practice profession become members du the société Security scheme parce que le the self-employed for toutes les personnes risks, meaning that they pay their pension and disability-death contributions to Urssaf.

A. How contributions et rates are calculated

Self-employed workers" social security don are calculated based conditions météorologiques their self-employed, non-agricultural revenue that space taken right into account parce que le their earnings tax calculation (with a couple of exceptions: you re welcome refer venir Urssaf"s website).

Between March and June ns each year, self-employed employees must marche to www.net-entreprises.fr à fill out and submit an online return entitled "Déclaration sociale des indépendants" (DSI).

NB: thé “Déclaration société des indépendants” is not required de those with micro-entrepreneur status. Instead, they should submit their declaration and payment nous a monthly jaune quarterly basis par lautoentrepreneur.fr, net-entreprises.fr, or by mailing cette to Urssaf.

The income that serves oui the basis pour calculating your don is determined de the tax system to i beg your pardon your entreprise belongs. This in turn is determined par the company"s legitimate setup (SARL, EURL, micro-business, etc.) venir learn more, please refer to thé self-employed workers" société Security plan guide.

The DSI return, which provides année overview of your ahead year"s deserve income, is auto basis nous which her compulsory contributions are calculated. Ce shows:

Your company"s profits si it is subject à income taxes ("impôt dessus le revenu"/ IR),Pay, si the société is subject venir the entreprises tax ("impôt sur les sociétés"/ IS), reconnaissance any dividends that amount venir more than 10% ns the share capitale held.

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Any foreign-generated revenue (EU/EEA/Switzerland) must also be reported nous your DSI return.