Port Saint Louis Du Rhône 13230


Ideally located at thé mouth ns the an excellent Rhone, between thé river et the sea, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône is one ns three gateways to thé wild Camargue.

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The vocation ns the city"s "World"s End" has not always been tourism: in fact, frontière early in auto century around the harbeurs activity, cette has over auto years à adapt to économiquement realities and to draw a nouveau face.

It now relies nous its natural heritage et cultural identity venir revitalize that territory, auto value et make every effort to keep that quality ns life.

Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône Camargue is a land, the ville entered thé Camargue Regional nature Park in February 2011, between thé Rhone et the Crau. White horses, bulls, pink flamingos et many différent hundreds du birds (mallards, coots, egrets, teals ...) ont taken up residence. Wilderness du the Camargue, hit de the winds, Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône affirms its maritime douaniers with fishermen et sailors from all backgrounds.

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For plenty of years, sailing et water des sports are booming thanks à high-quality infrastructure, with two blue flags, which can accommodate browsers of toutes les personnes countries. Its location was ideal, midway between Italy et Spain, 6 harbeurs afloat, deux dry ports, will certainly offer toutes les personnes the services: construction, repair, maintenance, supplies, v a capacity ns 4400 boats of tous units, and two fishing ports.

In addition, arrangements made since 2002 conditions météorologiques the coast et particularly conditions météorologiques the coast Napoleon, thé development of nouveau sports et water are toutes les personnes assets connected in auto revival of the city. Appropriate site parce que le water sports and remarkable pour the quality of its environment.

Many family members were already living nous fishing, when the town was started in 1904, where a douane of mareorama professions deeply rooted in the culture Saint Louisians. Carteau de L"Anse, is an exceptional site à la growing mussels et shellfish, representing around 10% of denchères production. The mold is a shell Carteau quality, fleshy and tasty à discover et enjoy.

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Camargue and Provence, the town offers a remarqualble territory full du strong characters. With the reconquest du the centre port et originality de its task areas, port St. Luigi creates new living spaces attractive thanks to thé wealth ns its organic environment et takes off for sustainable development et solidarity. Each according venir his to walk will have ample opportunity venir discover its many charms.