Porte-parole du gouvernement macron

maudit Marin, afp | français government spokesperson Sibeth Ndiaye provides a press conférence following a pièce meeting nous April 1 at thé Élysée palace in Paris.
New french minister et government spokeswoman Sibeth Ndiaye has actually spent nearly five years at Emmanuel Macron’s side oui his media adviser, earning a reputation parce que le blunt speech et a willingness venir put thé press in the place.

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Ndiaye was named to thé post on Sunday night in a mini-cabinet shuffle, seulement hours avant her sapin press briefing at auto Élysée royal residence lectern on Monday. Dakar-born and naturalised in 2016, she replaces Benjamin Griveaux -- autre close piron associate – who stepped under last week to mount a bid pour Paris mayor.

“France has given je a lot. Today, ce is my turn to give other back,” elle said at Monday’s handover ceremony, where Griveaux passed her the proverbial torch shortly before the government’s weekly cabinet meeting.