Pour la peau d un flic

One ns the many iconic display actors ns the 1970s, alain Delon turn his hand venir directing in the 1980s, startingwith this conventional action-packed flic in which hey - not surprisingly - took theleading role. Having previously starred in a dozen or so crime-thriller films,Delon would certainly seem ideally inserted to direct such a cinématique - particularly when he had previouslyserved under such distinguished masters du the genre oui Jean-Pierre Melville, JacquesDeray and José Giovanni. Delon the cinématique director is not nearly ont impressiveas Delon auto actor, but Pour la costumes d"un flic is a personne justice debut effort, andactually makes fairly a good policier for the time. Delon adhered to thiswith two divers watchable thrillers: Le choc (1982) et Le balançoire (1983).

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Starring alongside Delon in this film is the young annane Parillaud, a decade antérieur à shewould become a cult la honte for elle leading duty in luc Besson"s éclaboussure Nikita (1990). Parillaud and Delon work ensemble well, each bringing année unexpectedself-deprecating sense of bande dessinée - a page which is hardly ever seen in Delon"sfilms (presumably due to the fact that his directors thought it might tarnish thé tough Delon image).Although the cinématique is usually well structured, ce does ultimately comprendre a signification littérale tangledup in its exposants - a fault typical de many french thrillers de this époque,as display screen writers attempted to be even much more clever through their plots. Fortunately,there are plenty du treats venir keep thé spectator de average lintelligence engaged and entertained- a charismatic male lead, a sensuel female sidekick, a spectacular nocturnal là chase and,of course, loads de gratuitous corps pulverising violence.
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Film Synopsis

Choucas gave up working as a continuous cop some years ago and now he earns his crust oui a personal detective, assisted par his old friend Haymann. His methods are not those the his erstwhile partner would approve of, but this is quel gives that his sheet over the police. It is with onesuch colleague, Superintendent Coccioli, that he takes conditions météorologiques the caisse of a missingblind girl. Quel appears at tons to be a simple kidnappingsoon transforms out venir be something frais more serious when thé girl"s yonsei mother,Madame Pigot, is shoot dead in front of Choucas antérieur à she have the right to supply himwith valuable information.The détective is calmer trying to make sense of this bizarre turn de events when he starts receiving dangers from an unknown aggressor. Cette is climate attacked de a police officer intent on murdering him. To save himself, corbeau is forced à kill auto aggressive cop, marqué he climate finds self charged with deux murders. Oui he goes nous the run, the détective realises that if the officier de police don"t comprendre him his real enemy - everyone that can be - nearly certainly will. Auto stakes are increased even higher when Choucas"s secretary and mistress, Charlotte, is abducted. The detective now finds cette must risque his very own skin venir prevent an innocent mrs from being auto killers" next victim...

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alain Delon Script: Jean-Patrick mangkel (novel),Alain Delon,Christopher frank Cinematographer: jean Tournier Cast: alain Delon (Choucas),Anne Parillaud (Charlotte),Daniel Ceccaldi (Coccioli),Jean-Pierre darras (Commissaire Chauffard),Xavier Depraz (Kasper),Jacques Rispal (Professeur Bachhoffer),Gérard Hérold (Pradier),Pierre Belot (Jude, ns pharmacien),Annick Alane (Isabelle Pigot),Pascale roïdes (Renée Mouzon),Jean Barney (Le dabord ricaneur),Etienne Chicot (Le seconde ricaneur),Willy Holt (L"homme qui a tuer Fanch Tanguy),Michel Auclair (Haymann),Michel Berreur (Pérez),Philippe Castelli (Jean ns barman),Max Desrau (Le capitales Melis-Sanz),Marie Marczack (La femme venir casino),Jacques Pisias (Le le commissaire Madrier),Arielle Sémenoff (Marthe Pigot)Country: FranceLanguage: FrenchSupport: ColorRuntime: 105 min

Even in the dark days ns the Occupation, French cinema continued à impress with its artistry and diversity.

In the 1910s, French cinema led auto way with a new industrie which proactively encouraged innovation. From auto serials of Louis Feuillade to the first écrivain pieces du Abel Gance, this decade is rich in cinematic marvels.

With haricot de soja many great films to pick from, it"s nigh on pas possible to translate in a short-list du the best 15 French films of all time - but here"s our feeble effort to à faire just that.

American cinématique comedy had actually its heyday in auto 1920s and "30s, marqué it remains année important genre and has given American cinema some du its enduring classics.

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From jeans Renoir to françois Truffaut, French cinema has ne sont pas shortage du truly good filmmakers, every bringing a unique approach venir the art of filmmaking.