Pourquoi Les Mille-Pattes Dans Une Maison

Spark the imagination of children ages 1 to 5 par reading them stories written specifically pour early childhood educational settings. These complimentary activities will permit them à discover auto world of food in a fun et captivating way!French seul

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An activity à talk about nourriture with childrenAll the histoire discuss, through année imaginary world, thé subject ns healthy eating de focusing nous discovery, careers, where foodstuffs come from or the five senses. By reading these histoire to children, tu will assist them build healthy eating habits!

Our first series du stories follows auto adventures de Pat auto centipede, that wants venir throw a surprendre party pour his friend marion the butterfly. So he sets éteindre to find food to do a picnic. Each chapter functions a different food. 

All the histoires include: 

IllustrationsSuggested question to support the cognitive, language, emotional and social areas du developmentPrintable pole puppets to animate thé reading A verse venir sing

Download auto stories parce que le free 

Pat ns mille-pattes series (French Only)

Stay tuned! More histoires will be accessible soon.

Pat ns mille-pattes tombe dans esquive pommes - french Only

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Pat ns mille-pattes savoure de pain le financement -French seul
d’environ la route ns lait auprès Pat les mille-pattes - français Only
Printable pole puppets à animate the reading

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