Public service are committed alongside startups ont real partners du competitiveness:

they offer tous les jours individual online appointments to state your problems et introduce your initiatives.

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Click nous the services that corresponds auto most venir your needs:

A startup can not hope to grow without thé trust du its investors, customers, employees and market. This trust should be cultivated. Thé AFNOR grouper supports elle in this work de valorization et conviction, in France and abroad:

Awakening to the cultistes of standardization, advice and support to get involved in creating voluntary standards, list and monitor those du your target market, build interoperability and co-design… venir make your innovations the standards de tomorrow;

Third party evaluation and certification, venir enhance her compliance with top quality criteria, your progression approaches et structure your tasks over time;

Training et solutions for standard and regulatory monitoring, to gagner in understanding, competence and responsiveness, placed yourself in “integrated la gestion system” mode;

The french Frequency firm (ANFR) provides the planning et the radio frequencies management ont well ont the delivery of avec certitude authorizations. Cette offers you :

a visibility nous the nouveau opportunities de markets that use frequencies : the 5G era, autonomous vehicles et the harmonization ns frequencies conditions météorologiques a europe level venir facilitate thé internationalization,a conform plan with auto marking EC « the radio Equipment directif (RED) » and a sharing de expertise on choices du frequencies (the most adapted frequency bands venir your needs),

Architect and guardian of linternet Exchange Networks, fixed, mobile et postal telecoms, thé Arcep (the français Telecommunications Regulation autorité for electronic and post communications) ensure thé deployment of numérique networks nous the territory, their interconnection and their opening. It encourages market-opening to nouveau actors and to tous forms du innovation. Pour entrepreneurs, it offers :

A ” statutory sandbox “ : under certain conditions, the Arcep have the right to reduce her obligations ont operator,A assist in the appropriate steps for the obtaining du long-lasting authorizations (in details with regard to frequencies),

The Banque du France is a auditeur entity, asked venir ensure monetary et financial stability ns the français economy that can accompany you to look parce que le information, contacts and funding solutions. The correspondence for very petit companies (TPE) ns the Banque aux France provides you:

a linking with capital bodies ns (bank, crowdfunding, micro-credit, credit transaction mediation),

In every stage de their development, Bpifrance jae a gagné companies in credit, à la their coverage and in equity. It offers you:

a faire un don in your innovation projects and an international accompaniment,appropriate advice et networking,acceleration programs,

Business france is greatly charged with soutien startups, français small et medium-sized service providers in their international development. This auditeur body uses you:

information et advice to prepare your international development strategy (country à prioritize; interior organization ns your startup…),support programs venir develop startups at international level (Ignition, Immersion, Acceleration),

The CCI paris supports auto development ns companies native their création to their transfer. Cette offers you:

information et advice nous the development of your startup: legal aspects et formalities de constitution, entreprises plan, initiale funding,advice nous your recruitments (internships, work-study contracts…) and available support,

The français National quartier général for space Studies (CNES) is responsible pour the development et implementation ns the French spatial program. Cette offers you:

a increasing awareness about thé interest of using data et spatial technologies,a support in the qualification ns your needs regarding technologies and spatial les données (Healthtech; AgriTech; Tourism; Mobility; Security…),an specialization in auto integration du innovative les technologies or espacer solutions in your activity,a technical feasibility analysis de your services and sharing de expertise in the field of endroit technologies,an access to technical platforms of the CNES to juge your services that use geolocalization, telecommunication, sol observation data,

DIRECCTE (the french Regional Department ns Enterprise, Competition, customer Affairs, Labour et Employment)

The Direccte is the interlocutor of french companies and supports concis activity, auto development du employment et employee skills.

It offers you information and advice on:

The development ns your startup, obtainable financing and tax credits(CIR, CII, JEI, etc.)Support pour the management of your human resources, especially if you room recruiting étranger talent

The french Customs room in charge of the collection of taxes périmé to auto entry de the items into the territory. Their unir ” advice à companies ” has actually for commander to aid you venir secure et to simplify your import/export procedures, fluidify your exchanges, reduced your costs et support your competitiveness.

It offers tu a support for:

your customizeds procedures : EORI, HS Code, customizeds declaration,your customs duties,the optimization ns your financial management : reverse-charges de VAT; information about countries with couple of customs duties (South Korea, Canada, Morocco…),

GENCI is auto French national HighPerformance computing organization. Cette allows researchers and industrialists à access supercomputers parce que le their leading-edge lieu de travail that require a more et more considérable computing power; auto simulation approximates big data and Artificial intelligence in thé supercomputing.

At french Tech Central, within auto framework of our intérieur program SiMSEO, we offer à startups et SMEs:

A custom-made support for your tasks of numérique simulation and massive les données processing

An access à a network du academic compétence specialized in numérique simulation and supercomputing that room able venir understand your business needs and translate cette in a concrete evidence of idée that provides these nouveau tools

An access to supercomputers et successful storage tools venir boost your performances et to accelerate the scale-up de your company

The French intérieur Institute de Geographical et forest informations is responsible pour producing, maintaining and broadcasting geographical information in France.

It uses you:

An accessibility to data of the territory description and to miscellaneous related prestations de service to respond venir challenges in geolocalization markets(Mobility; Security; Green-Tech; AgriTech; Gaming, Tourism, Healthtech…),An field of expertise in geomatics and geodata services,

The Ile-de-France an ar supportscompanies of Ile-de-France nous several development vectors.

It offers informations on:

its development et innovation aids,

The French national Institute du Industrial building is a auditeur body in charger of the recording and the delivery du industrial residential property titles. Cette also supports the économique development du companies par facilitating the protection and the valuation du their innovations.

The INPI offers you a soutien in:

Inria, thé French national Institute à la Research in computer system Science and Control, coordinates and develops web links between auditeur research et startups within français Tech Central.

It provides you:

a soutien in the qualification ns your requirements (technology, expertise...) from the technological obstacles encountered,an fausser of laboratories et scientists that deserve to respond venir your needs,technology transfers, knowledge and skills drawn from public research,

Radio france is thé leading radio group in france with 7 transfer channels and digital outputs (France Info, france Inter, la france Culture, france Musique, france Bleu, Mouv, FIP).

Radio France numérique Department is looking à la innovative partner in auto following locations :

AI based podcast recommandationSmartradio based on enriched musique metadataVoice and chat-based interactivitySolutions à collect and analyser feedback from individual listenersDigital sound production et distribution systemsTechnical innovations that provides object based audio

The UGAP is the seulement un public and general purchasing station in France.

It particularly offers :

a presentation du the auditeur procurement,advice conditions météorologiques the access venir the public procurement,

Urssaf Ile-de-France (the français Organizations à la the payment ns social security et family benefit contributions)

The Urssaf Ile-de-France has à la first mission to recover société contributions.

It supplies you informations on:

the procedures to build your entreprises or acquire auto status ns self-employed person,the declarations et the payment de your employees’ social contributions, trainees and apprentices,the declarations and the payment ns the non-salaried workers’s social contributions: managers, micro-entrepreneurs, self-employed people,

Other auditeur partners:

Discover their other available services: workshops, masterclasses, and even a chatbot

The association for thé Employment ns Executives (Apec) médias startups in your recruitment, development et retention de their executive, management skills.

It uses you:

Personalized advice to analyser your needs and develop with amie your sourcing et recruitment strategy (trainee, employee, freelance,…), our consultants welcome elle in the french Tech quartier général area.

Information venir enable you à monitor and decode the latest HR developments, à help you improve your practices et share through peers.

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Advice devoted to future entrepreneurs venir identify their potential et transform your idea right into a project tailored to them.

Partnership opportunities, especially si you offer année innovative service, heureux or an innovation that can renew the candidat or recruiter experience et invent tomorrow’s networking in auto executive an abilities market.

The national Library of france (Bibliothèque Nationale aux France) manages a resources et information pole nous the entreprises world (PRISME) pour project leaders, entrepreneurs and investors. It offers:

Information on markets in France and abroad (within auto BnF the is located near french Tech Central).

Getinlabs orient le portail ns Réseau C.U.R.I.E dédié ns entreprises comprenant notamment d’un offre spéciale startup lequel a convecteur but aux leur sengager découvrir comment? ou quoi accélérer en innovant grâce à la recherche publique tous en bénéficiant de l’accompagnement des valorisateurs.

Il amie propose :

D’en savoir concéder sur ton potentialités d’innovation élégance à la découverte publiqueDe elle donner impliqué à un réseau du plus ns 180 structures aux recherche représentant plus ns 3 000 professionnels de la valorisation du la cherchant publique et jusqu’à un catalogue aux plus de 800 technologies disponibles

The ACPR is auto French autorité of banking and insurance supervision. Ce gives you information to practice a regulation financial activity as Fintech or Assurtech et assists tu in this steps, in certain through that is Fintech-Innovation pole, nous :

regulation : payment services, bank insurance activities, cryptocurrency activities, crowdfunding regulations, auto rules to importer a europe passport parce que le financial service concerned by année ACPR approval,the marché : entreprises model, projects maturity,the caisse concerned passant par specific technologies : blockchain, IA, big Data, Cloud Computing and the comb linked à it.

The CNIL is a auditeur authority responsible for the protection of an individual data. Ce aims to sensitize professionals at the earliest faisabilité stage de their products and services design. Cette also médias them in their privacy par design procedures. The CNIL’s numérique innovation activities offers you workshops on:

the aperçu framework that is applicable to personal data (GDPR): portability, safety, privacy by design, contractual relations à la subcontractors;the sectorial stakes, specifically in the fields de Healthtech, EdTech, FinTech, IoT…

The français Regional et Interdepartmental Office de the Environment et the Energy ns Ile-de-France (DRIEE)

The DRIEE is a local service de the Ministry du the ecological et sustainable Transition.

It provides you information on:

the regulations regarding thé environment;public aids venir finance projects with an environmental dimension;the access to auditeur procurement parce que le projects with an environmental dimension.

The DRFIP is particularly responsible à la the processing, thé calculation and the collection of business taxes.

It provides you information on:

business taxation, including the new forms ns activity (ICO, crypto-currencies...),the fiscal devices in favour du your development: fiscal rescript, taxes credits (innovation tax credit, research study tax credit, ” young innovative enterprise “status...).

The Prefecture du Paris et Ile-de-France coordinates thé presence of auditeur regional services et the public policies that are implemented in thé region.

Within français Tech central, ce represents:

a distinct interlocutor venir give amie visibility over thé State’s actions in the Ile-de-France Region and to direct you Towards thé regional services that could respond your needs,an actor the favors the relation between administrations and entrepreneurs, in particular by the development of a chatbot on administration and budget procedures parce que le entrepreneurs.

The objective is venir bring fabricated intelligence et automation in their exchanges.

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French Tech centre is also auto first public coworking an are in the world! A carré where 30 auditeur services and administrations hold des bureaux alternately with thé objective à innovate in their support offers and to modernize the state.

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