Anyone that watches a smidgen du the teenager television out there can tell you, thé SAT illustration is always an important one, and "Pretty précis Liars" didn"t disappoint.

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Rosewood Day"s brightest attempted venir take your college board essai while a storm swirled around them, auto police forces continued their locker search et kids from public school proved up to shatter the hallucination that castle were only put on this terre to offer sidecars and clean pools. Ce was a difficult head space à be in conditions météorologiques the morning ns such année important exam.

The episode centered approximately Emily"s relationship with Allison, flashing back venir a kiss auto two shared (that Allison totally leaned into) and another moment, when Allison flaunted sa naked body et freaked as soon as Em, rather sweetly, kissed her shoulder. Em"s (understandably) en colère letter to Ali mysteriously resurfaced in the pages de "Great Expectations" in the écoles library. To ajouter insult to injury, Emily"s bag et letter were stolen …errr … discovered …um …confiscated passant par Detective Wilden. BTW, Wilden is officially the worst detective and the worst person being. Ever. Cette used muddy pair of shoes — conditions météorologiques a stormy, wet, muddy day — oui evidence du vandalism. Cette continued à comb a high school for clues conditions météorologiques a murder that happened an ext than a année ago et not at auto school. And after going through a 17-year-old girl"s belongings, hey decided to out her as a lesbian in former of toutes les personnes her friends.

Enter Spencer"s mom. Despite the fact the Mrs. Hastings advert to auto defense of sa daughter et her friends as pro bono work, it was very satisfying to see Wilden dubbed out parce que le his utter incompetence as a law enforcement official. Elle unfortunately undermined it s her later by revealing venir Spence that she had a secret surgery one morning last année to have a lump gotten rid of from her breast.

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Apparently thé surgical advances in Rosewood frais surpass that du the rest of the country, since Mrs. Hastings to be able venir undergo surgery — there is no telling her husband — et still be the end in temps for année early morning cocktails at auto club. I admit, there is nothing prefer a solid cognac nous the heels of anesthesia et the start de a prescription painkiller operation — walking through a trellis et spilling your secret to a ball garçon might be the only things tu remember, marqué they won’t be the only things you do. To trust me.

Mrs. Hastings wasn"t the seulement un parent to make année appearance critical night. Byron to be hopping around auto neighborhood playing up his poor-me-I’m-a-single-parent-I-don’t-know-how-to-send-a-fax-or-eat-Moroccan-food-card et Hanna’s mom, back from exchanging tous the nourriture Hanna bought for a couple des boites of Chardonnay, was conditions météorologiques hand à listen. Ella spilled her marital problems and worries about laria to Ezra — yes, Mr. Fitz to be back! cette drove back from new York ville just in temps to proctor thé SAT test (a job much more considérable than teaching) — and seulement in temps to hear aria sing (featuring noel Kahn conditions météorologiques accoustic guitar accessible this week on iTunes).

Aria managed to get a few minute alone through Ezra à ask him wherein he"d been et remind him that hey got a haircut pour her. (They"re very close to Amish country, sauce soja that is a super deal.) Fitz thought a week bouncing in between Lace’s Gentlemen’s Club and Shake Shack would certainly exorcise him de his teenage désir demons, but I ont a feeling conditions météorologiques haven"t seen thé last de this Lolita love affair. Hanna finally stuck up pour Lucas after Mona told that to marche to Oz and ask auto wizard for penis. Zing! cible wait, Lucas has the same muddy sneakers ont Emily — et she"s a lesbian — probably there is something venir this hermie rumor. Kidding.

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Mona"s feeling seems venir be rubbing éteindre on me!

So Lucas destroyed auto memorial, Emily was shoved out du the closet et no une took thé SATs … just another day Rosewood. Can"t wait pour next week"s mid-season finale!

What did tu think of the episode? walk Allison seem like she wanted Emily to kiss her? was Spencer"s mom thé spitting image of Mariska Hargitay? Finally, might Lucas maybe be "A"?