Prix D Une Bouteille De Gaz Butane 13 Kg Carrefour"s 12.5 kg bottled butane gas is the le meilleur choice for small businesses and home use. That is advanced modern technology enables ce to weigh half as much as conventional ones, with auto same amount ns gas.

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What are the advantages? - Lighter.- Safer, thanks to its valve guard.- more resistant et easier to handle.- compatibles with any installation.

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“I really appreciate auto lightness ns the bottle et how easy ce is to handle bringing it home. Plus, many thanks to thé valve guard, i feel safer at toutes les personnes times.”Pedro, patrie butane user.




The henchmen differences between the two energies lied in their liquefied temperatures; their transition from auto gaseous state to thé liquid state. While propane liquefies at 44º below zero, butane liquefies at 0º.

Thus, environmental état influence the storage ns each product. Propane is ideal for cold areas or outdoor facilities, et butane, parce que le indoor établissement or warmer areas.

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Propane and butane gas room heavier than air, haricot de soja cylinders, both full et empty, should constantly be in an upright position.

The bottle échanger must always be done with thé head valve closed, so that auto amount de gas exit into auto atmosphere - harmless and inoffensive - is minimal.

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The bottle échanger operation have to never it is in performed near sources du heat or fire, such oui lighters, cigarette or stoves.