Se7En Và Park Han Byul

Actress Park Han Byul has ended her 12-year relationship with solo singer Se7en, & has been confirmed to lớn be dating actor Jung Eun Woo, reports Korean medial portal The Fact.

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It is highly known among fans that Park Han Byul and Se7en began their relationship in high school in 2002, but officially stated to the public they were dating in 2009. The former couple ran into trouble in their relationship following the many rumors that began last year when Se7en was caught visiting a mát xa parlor, known for prostitution, during his military services, which led to their breakup.

Park Han Byul was photographed by The Fact on various outings with actor Jung Eun Woo. They were seen enjoying drives in Park Han Byul’s Mercedez G Wagon, and were often spotted enjoying a coffee date in Jangan-dong. The coffee siêu thị owner commented, “Park Han Byul & Jung Eun Woo frequent this place.”

Despite getting caught dating by the media, the new couple did not seem lớn mind, but did not outwardly express their feelings for one another either. Instead, the new couple has admitted they are in fact dating, asking fans khổng lồ congratulate them.

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Se7en, Park Han Byul, Jung Eun Woo

A representative from the actress’ agency said, “After confirming with Park herself, it seems they became close during shooting of the last drama. They developed feelings for each other và are seeing each other. They are, however, worried that others may be effected by this news.”

Following, Jug Eun Woo’s agency said, “They became close colleagues during the drama & saw each other often after the shooting ended as well. They became close recently và are currently dating.”

According to lớn the truyền thông media portal, the new couple met on the mix of SBS drama A Well Raised Daughter, which ended its run in May 2014, and where Park Han Byul played the female lead, while Jung Eun Woo played the main supporting character who falls for her. While Jung Eun Woo’s character did not get the girl, the actor himself was able lớn catch Park Han Byul’s heart in real life.

A friend of the two actors was quoted saying, “It is true they are dating, they became close during the drama and naturally ended up dating. They did not want khổng lồ make the fact public but their relationship is very strong right now.”

Reportedly, a source close lớn the actors revealed the couple became close during the time when Park Han Byul experienced hardship regarding Se7en’s military controversy. Not only was Se7en reeling in the criticism of his actions then, but so had the actress as she was known lớn be his long-time girlfriend. Throughout this time, Jung Eun Woo showed his support, and eventually feelings developed between the two.

In August và September 2014, though rumors of Park Han Byul and Se7en’s breakup were circulating, the actress continued khổng lồ keep her silence in order to lớn protect her ex-boyfriend.