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Vietnamese designer, Nguyen Cong Tri presented his striking haute couture collection at 2016 Fashion Week in Tokyo last week, charming the crowd with his cutting-edge designs.

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Tri honors international haute couture standards, blending them with Vietnamese concepts in the made-to-measure fashion world. He creates state-of-the-art designs, tailor-made for domestic customers with high-quality, trendy fabrics produced with advanced techniques và stunning craftsmanship.

Tri wanted to add a svào Vietnamese element to his line this year. “I’m Vietnamese. Vietnamese culture is always an endless source of inspiration for my collection,” he said.

Tri’s highly-anticipated 2016 collection comes after he took năm ngoái off to have sầu a break for creativity. “I always want people lớn be really surprised with my new collections,” he said.

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For his lachạy thử collection Tri acquired ‘Lanh My A’ silk, a traditional silk found only in a small village of Vietnam giới in the Tan Chau district. This type of silk is a rare & considered a national treasure in Vietphái mạnh. The silk requires a long dye process of being immersed inkhổng lồ a dye combined with the local Mac Nua fruit around 100 times to achieve proper color, fabric weight and the desired fine sheen of leather or velvet. The coloring process requires over three months to lớn dye one thousvà meters of silk with two tonnes of mac nua fruit.




Historically, upper-class Vietnamese people desired garments of Lanh My A silk because it had shiny, glistening appearance & was durable. Tri bought the My A silk over a two year period just to lớn acquire enough for this collection.

His previous collection opened Vietnam International Fashion Week 2014 and was a great success. Tri spent most of năm ngoái in the United States lớn visit other shows. He was also a popular judge on the hit television show, Project Runway in Vietnam giới. Tri graduated in 2002 from Ho Chi Minh City University of the Arts with a with a Fine Arts degree.

Mercedes Benz will host a second Fashion Week in October năm 2016. Currently, Tri is in Kyoto, nhật bản lớn learn about the construction and design elements of kimonos and Japanese ceremonial garments. Craftsmanship, detail & patterns are all of interest lớn this fascinating young designer.