Hung Kings Commemoration Day At Hce

Vietnam is about to lớn celebrate a popular holiday in the country which is Hung Kings Commemoration Day. You may not know exactly what date it is as it is determined by the Lunar calendar. Every year, on the 10th of March according khổng lồ the Lunar calendar, Vietnamese enjoy a day off to commemorate the Hung Kings.

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Commemoration of Hung Kings festival

The Story of the Hung Kings

Legend has it that Hung Kings were the ones who laid the foundation for the land of Vietnam in the ancient eras. The folklores date back khổng lồ the year 2879 BC when there were 18 Hung Kings who ruled Van Lang (Vietnam in the old days) from generation to generation. They are said khổng lồ have established the very first foundation of civilization for the country.

Before the Hung Kings, there was a folk tale of Lac Long Quan và Au co which is believed to be the ancestors of Vietnamese people. Lac Long quan lại was the son of a rồng from the ocean, và Au co was a fairy and resided on earth. They came together and lived together in the mountains. After a year, Au co gave birth to lớn a sack of a hundred eggs which then hatched into one hundred kids.


Illustration of Lac Long Quan & Au Co

After a while living together, they had to separate due to lớn the different instincts of living. Then Long quan liêu took 50 children with him down to lớn the sea while Au teo stayed in the land with the other half. Subsequently, one of their sons became the king of the country và named the country “Van Lang”.

The country under the 18 Hung Kings rule accomplished a lot in terms of agriculture, horticulture, hunting, and making handicrafts, etc.

The Hung Kings dynasty ended in 258 BC when An Duong Vuong took over Van Lang và established a new country called Au Lac.


Fairy - dragon parents in the legend

Because of the legend told above, Vietnamese always take pride in having the dragon - Fairy roots. Hung Kings are the heroes who phối up a steady foundation for the country. The date March 10th Lunar calendar is to memorialize the efforts of the Hung Kings who established & developed the country through generations.

Hung King Commemoration Festival

The festival is held every year at Phu Tho temple mainly và in more than 1400 temples across the country. The worship of Hung King activities in Phu Tho was recognized as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2012.

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Hung King procession on Nghia Linh mountain

According lớn Vietnamese legend, King Hung wanted to choose a son khổng lồ succeed the throne. He summoned all of his sons and said that whoever could bring him the most precious offering to the altar lớn worship the ancestors would be given the throne.

All of the princes traveled throughout Vietnam in search of the valuable and most exotic foods to offer to their father, except Lang Lieu, the 18th prince, who had no idea where to begin searching.

One night, he dreamed of a genie who told him that "the rice grain is the most precious thing on earth. You use the glutinous rice grain & make round cakes symbolizing the sky & square cakes symbolizing the earth. The square cakes will have fillings made of beans và meat, and you will use green leaves to lớn wrap the cake, symbolizing the love và protection provided by fathers và mothers to their children." When he awoke, Lang Lieu was delighted và prepared the two kinds of cakes instructed by the genie.

When the day of the competition came, King Hung thoroughly examined the offerings of his sons but was not entirely satisfied. However, upon tasting Lang Lieu"s cakes và hearing his explanation, the King congratulated và chose him to succeed in his throne. Since then, the King và all of his subjects started making square & round glutinous rice cakes lớn offer to their ancestors on special occasions & particularly the Tet holidays. Nowadays, these cakes are still a specialty throughout all of Vietnam.

After the ceremony comes the festive part, which is a procession that lasts for 3 days on Nghia Linh mountain. Before the ceremony occurs, a competition of sedan chair between villages will be held to pick out the winner. The victor will earn the opportunity lớn lead the procession up to Phu Tho temple.

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The vibrant atmosphere of the Hung King festival

The date March 10th Lunar calendar is khổng lồ memorialize the efforts of the Hung Kings who established and developed the country through generations. Many altars are built across the country so that the Vietnamese can pay tribute lớn the Hung Kings.

Altar of King Hung

Temple of the Hung Kings

The temple is located inside of Tao Dan Park in Ho bỏ ra Minh City.